Hello, Inmates, and welcome to another issue of ADVrider’s Photos of the Week. We start off with a ride in Colorado that occurred just three or four weeks ago, a father and son aboard a pair of 2014 BMW 1200 GS Adventures. Pappa @Zubb was generous with his photo supply, so we have a few shots for you to enjoy, starting with this lovely shot of (we assume) Zubb the Younger, facing off with a rim of Colorado red rock aboard his GS. Nicely framed, and for more, scroll down, Inmates, scroll on down.

And for a perfect ending to the day, a campfire, a bottle of Canadian whisky, and the best riding company a fella could want.

Heaven is when you get to ride Colorado with your adult son. No other bikes or buddies. Just father and son riding twin bikes, drinking in the amazing scenery, and cherishing time together.


Here we have a couple of shots from the 2021 Missouri-to-Montana Rolling Rally, featuring a BMW R1200 GS A and @Scott in Missouri. One of the great things about heading west in North America: it gets better with every mile.

Opened by the army

Israel’s Road 10 is a road that goes along with the border between Israel and Egypt. It is closed most of the year, due to heavy activity of violent smugglers of drugs/arms from Egypt to Israel/Gaza. But twice a year the army makes special arrangements to open it to the public.

That’s Helio talking, above, and Helio’s “previous” motorcycle, a 2014 BMW R1200 RT, below, the picture taken in 2019 near the Israel-Egypt border.

In between

The photo below was taken on September 9 on the Branscomb Road in northern California, “between Hwy 1 and Hwy 101,” according to @napster, whose 2018 Suzuki DR 650 is parked in front of whatever that is. Honk if you love California! Okay, now stop, you’re waking up the neighbors.

On the way

Below, a 1976 BMW R 90 S, on the road to Cookstown in North Queensland about a month ago, and parked here for a photo by @Old Queenslander.

Beemer hangout

The Gay Bar in Gay, Mich., is where BMW GSs “hang out when they aren’t at Starbucks,” so says @kadesean, whose R 1250 GS was photographed hanging out there a few weeks ago.

Now, that’s atmosphere!

Here is Paul with his 2013 KTM 350 EXC-F early in the morning last month on the way up Black Bear Pass in . . . well, @Dmason doesn’t say, exactly, though it might be Colorado. He tells people “it was like riding through Mordor. Pretty foreign lands for four boys from Indiana.” Nicely exposed.

More darkness, please!

Below, we have a photo from @Nogoingback, who said it was taken a few years ago on a side trip “up into the White mountains east of Bishop, California, to see the bristlecone pines.” Here, we’re looking toward the Sierras in the southwest.

Ahh, the aroma of a Paloma!

According to @The Bear an exhibit in the Peterborough, South Australia, motorcycle museum (where he took this photo a few months ago) is not chock full of old British bikes, but instead

it specialises in small European race bikes, many of which are fascinating. You are guaranteed to find bikes here you have never even heard of. The curator is helpful and a visit is cheap and enjoyable.

No idea!

This photo of @dzrtracin in Death Valley during the Noob Rally last year was taken without his knowledge. When it was posted by a fellow inmate, he saw it and “I reached out to him asking for the pic, no idea someone had taken a picture of me there @ father crowley.” That’s his 2018 Beta 500 RRS waiting patiently behind him.

The Comeback Kid

New Jersey rider @Raak says he used to race as a kid, “started with 100 cc 2-stroke motorcycles,” and graduated to a KTM 500 EXC (here, from the Raid de Himalaya in 2013, his last race).

I broke my back in 2014. Waited for all these years before I can get back on a bike and got the 850GS few months back. This ride was my first off-road ride to see how things are with the motorcycle and my back. I am happy to say that except the tire choice (50/50), everything else works great. I need to change the tires to TKC80 before I hit the loose sand or muddy terrains

Raak’s pictures (above) were shot in Pine Barrens, in New Jersey, early in September. Looks like things are going well for him.

Oh yeah, that’s a great ride

Inmate @I ride says he bought the 2006 Yamaha WR250R “as a trial run” from a friend who “has given up more serious off road” riding. “Maybe I should too.” Hmm, what do you think?

First time out with a friend we got into a rocky dry river bed and in too far to turn back we got to the hard part. Uphill thru nothing but broken loose rock for the next 2 miles. 7 hours to go 7 miles. Dehydration was serious and the friend has diabetes and was getting low blood sugar. Great Ride.

And hey, be careful out there

From @alpina comes word that care is required when riding near combustible materials. Here, we have a shot that shows the remnants of the 2002 Hayman fire in Colorado—for 18 years, says Wikipedia, “the largest wildfire in the state’s recorded history at over 138,114 acres.” There is also smoke and haze from other west coast fires. “Please be careful.” Amen, brother. And that’s a DR650, as if you didn’t know.

Presenting . . . @Alpina’s newest DR

 And a sign that makes all of us think of a man whose name rhymes with Bruce.

On the way home from mine exploring, there’s no shortage of that here. This is west of Denver just north of I70. The sign seems fitting for motorcycles of all kinds.


Shiver me timbers!

Here we have some snow, a 2015 KTM Super Adventure and a pass near Mt. Ranier photographed with Xmxer’s iPhone 8 a few months ago. “Got to love heated seats and grips.” Well, sure, if you ride around a Washington stratovolcano in the winter month of June.

Northern routes

Last week we introduced you to frehkö, and here we present the rest of his photo submission, taken on a recent tour from western Washington state to Glacier National Park in the lovely state of Montana. The photo below shows frehkö, probably, and his 2014 BMW R 1200 GS and his buddy’s earlier GS, posing under a half moon, and his buddy was nice enough to get down lowwwwww for the shot. Gotta wonder how long it took him to get uppppppppp again. A great shot, anyway. More below.

Return to western Washington was via Lolo Pass and Hwy12 through Walla Walla and finishing up in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. The trip was very smoky in Northern WA, ID and MT. Both my buddy and I got flat tires 🙁 and at least one Nav unit mount failure repair was via zip ties, duct tape and a twig as a replacement screw!


Oh, that’s wet

For our final images of the week, we have @JC957 in a mobile bathtub with his 2019 BMW GS 1250 Adventure. Photo taken so recently the GoPro is still wet.

We just had heavy rain the night before so I thought it would be a great opportunity to load the bike with all of the gear I recently purchased for my upcoming week long BDR ride and see how she handles on the rough roads. Some of the puddles were a bit deeper than other which made for some pretty cool looking spray.

And now we’ll say goodnight to all Inmates, and we hope you have enjoyed the show and we request that you come back for more next week. Thanks to everyone who has submitted a picture and to all who will. You’re the greatest!

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