Welcome to Photos Of The Week No. 3 for year No. 2021. Herein lie photos taken by you at places around the world you’ve visited on motorcycles, so enjoy—and please continue to submit your pictures. We look forward to seeing each and every one of them.

Our Featured Image this week (above) was taken on California Highway 1 at Tomales Bay, a few miles north of Point Reyes Station, within the past few months. @Kbasa pulled over on his ’67 BMW R60/2 at a likely spot, knowing that on this road you don’t have to wait long for a motorcycle to come around the bend.

I couldn’t help but try to show the development of bikes in the intervening 50+ years since this bike was built. The Triumph absolutely railing the corner is something almost unimaginable when the BMW was new.

We like this photo for the dual aspects of timing: being there to catch another motorcycle in full lean, and catching a 50-year difference in motorcycle styles. But mostly we like this shot because it grabs us. Kbasa had his own bike nicely placed and well focused, and the iPhone SE delivered the sharpness that the shot needed.

The magic hour

A late sun streams light sideways through the atmosphere, stripping out some wavelengths and leaving a gloriously rich, vibrant result that can make a bad picture good and a good picture sensational.  @Eatpasta’s KTM MXC 525 soaks up a few rays after a workout. Pass the Gatorade!

Below, Eatpasta’s Honda XR650L  in brilliant afternoon sunlight. Note the glowing eggs of flair, low center.

And, below, a little more flare, but no eggs, as the sun sets over the Pacific coast of California.

All tuckered out

This 2009 Yamaha WR250R (below) is having a snooze after sliding down a steep section of the Continental Divide Trail south of Butte, Montana, and who could blame it for being tuckered out? @Frankenbuffer photographed the sleepy bike in 2018 while on a 7,500 km ride with two buddies.

It was late in the day so we decided to turn around. But with elevation around 8,000′, we struggled to get our loaded bikes back up the hill and we burned out the clutch of a DR650. Thus began a four-day epic to make repairs.

Below, Frankenbuffer made that long journey around the Continental Divide Trail with two friends, one on a Suzuki DR650 and the other on a Honda CRF250L. This is part of the Idaho BDR and Craters of the Moon lava fields lie in the distance.

Forest fires created hazy skies and doubts about whether our intended route would be open, but fortunately we missed all the active fire regions. 

New Zealand rainbows

During a three-week ride around New Zealand’s South Island last year, @TwoWheelTed and his friend Erik stopped after leaving Mt. Cook in pouring rain. The sun emerged and lit up a double-ended rainbow, below.  Each rode a BMW 800 GS on their island tour.

Scary Road, Washington

Obstruction Point Road (below) has a rep as Washington state’s scariest; it’s the highest point in Olympic National Park and a surefire escape from the trailers and motorhomes that clog much of the region’s highways in summer. When he took this shot near Hurricane Ridge in 2018, @2 Wings was on a nine-month tour of America’s national parks . . .

. . . with bear spray on my hip.

Colors of autumn

On the back roads of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, October 2020 (below). @1994klr250 wasn’t riding a KLR250, but he was riding a 2006 Kawasaki KLX351.

Erzberg, Mojave style

Out for a solo ride in the Mojave Desert, @Bigtodd stopped on his 120-mile loop west of Barstow for a shot (above) on a small dry lake bed near Hoffman Road. It’s February 2020 and he’s on a 2009 KTM 950 Super Enduro R Erzberg Edition.

Big Bend smile

@Bomose says his wife was all smiles when they stopped along the River Road in Big Bend National Park, Texas, in 2018. That’s a 2013 KTM 990 Dakar beside her, and the pic was taken with a Canon G15.

The language of . . .

Speaking of pretty women with big smiles, this Romanian resident (below) was very happy to be in the picture with the 2016 Honda Africa Twin that @Fabbbio rode on a solo trip in 2018. This is MaramureČ™, a region in northern Romania.

The old lady made me understand that she wanted a photo next to my motorbike even if she didn’t speak Italian, English or any other language that I understand. A truly moving moment.

Another Pleasant Valley . . . Sunday?

Vacaville, California (below), on top of the mountain where Blue Ridge Road joins Gates Canyon and Mix Canyon. You take Pleasant Valley Road to get there. @Guillaume was riding a Honda CB500X RR.

Grizzly country

Tombstone Mountain on the Dempster Highway, above. @Jan’s husband was on a two-week camping trip from Vancouver to the Arctic Circle, riding a 2008 Suzuki DRZ434.

Ryolite, Nevada

@Jas123 rented a Triumph Bonneville for a ride through Death Valley to the old ghost town of Ryolite in Nevada a few years ago.

Gimme shelter!

The mosquitoes swarmed so thickly that @JW and companions had to eat dinner in their tents during a summer motocamping trip along the Owens River northwest of Bishop, California in 2019. JW was riding with his son on a 2014 Beta 520RS and a 2011 KTM 450 EXC, and a friend on a Husky 701 when they found this campsite (above) northeast of Benton at about 9,000 feet.

Yukon Territory

Photographed with a Canon G7X Mark II, this is what it looked like in the Arctic Circle on the Demptster in Yukon Territory back in 2019. @AllSeasonRider made the journey on a 2017 KTM 1090 Adventure R but was delayed by snow for a few days . . . in August. Welcome to Canada.

I believe I was the first bike to head up since it re-opened. I thought the autumn colors on the tundra with the snow-capped mountains in the distance made for a striking scene.

The San Juans

@Moto45 shot this pic (below) of his 2018 Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled on a trail in the San Juan mountains near Lake City, Colorado, last year.


Early in the morning

Descending from Highlands, North Carolina, early on a Sunday morning last year with fog filling the valleys, no cars, and amazing scenery—@Musicman, below with his 2015 Ducati, calls it moto-magic and we agree, though the Multistrada no doubt contributed to the feeling.

A spin of the compass needle

At Four Corners Monument during a ride from San Francisco to Chicago on a 2008 Suzuki GSX650F a few years ago. @NadGSX650 says he started without a plan, which might explain his landing in New Mexico (below).

Dinosaur eggs

And here we are in New Zealand again—this time, with @Nzrian on the Mackley River (above), a remote track from the west coast of the South Island. Lots of steep climbs and descents, he says, and . . .

The river crossing has lots of dinosaur egg boulders to contend with.

Nzrian made the trip on a 2019 KTM 500 EXC-F in February 2020.

I spy . . .

It was a mild winter morning when @Skogs04 stopped in early February 2020 by the Bridge of Spies (above), which linked Berlin with Potsdam and was, during the Cold War, the place where East and West met to exchange their spies.

Each side [of the bridge] is still a slightly different shade of green. The area is a popular tourist spot, but was completely empty on this day. It was so peaceful, it was hard to imagine just how important a crossing it had once been.

Skogs04 was riding a 1973 Moto Guzzi Nuovo Falcon, and if it looks familiar, it is: POTW had this bike in a different photo a couple of weeks ago.

The Cape of Good Riding

There were hardly any tourists along the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, last summer when @TwoShoes and a friend made the trip. A great road and no traffic? You can guess why. They rode the trail on pair of BMW R90S models, a ’75 and a ’76. Très sophistiquĂ©.

And, again, welcome to Canada.

Motorrad Daze

We conclude this week’s POTW display with an evening shot by @Nicobico, who had ridden 1600 km from his home to Socorro in SĂŁo Paulo, Brazil, for BMW Motorrad Days a couple of years ago on his BMW R1200GS Sport Triple Black 2012. On the way home, he stopped frequently to take pictures, and one evening as it was getting late he turned off the main road to find a place to sleep. 

The place is called Garopaba and while searching for a B&B I did stop to see the sunset. Just me, the bike and the sun setting in the horizon. What a glorious end for a perfect day’s ride!

Okay, folks, thanks for reading POTW No. 3 of 2021 and look out for more next week. Please remember to submit your photos; without you, we couldn’t do it.

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