Hello, Inmates and welcome to ADVrider’s Photos of the Week number 30 for year 2021. For our featured image we have a picture that exudes adventure in its simplicity and starkness. A motorcycle, a landscape, an abandoned building. It was submitted buy @DukeMbutu, who says it was taken around the first week of September on a trip home from the east coast of the U.S. after a memorial service “for a cousin with whom I grew up.” The trip involved a swing through northern California, “smoke and all,” and to Seattle where he spent some time with a son. “This photo was taken . . .  on a small road near Wolf Point, Montana.” The bike, a 2005 Suzuki V-Strom that he calls his “War Horse,” has been down to Panama and up to Prudhoe Bay and has more than 100,000 miles under it. “We’re not done yet!”

Fallen leaves

Autumn is very much evident in this shot by @Tbailey, who photographed his 2001 Honda XR400R early in September in Pitkin, Colorado. Dry leaves on a road like that tend to swirl up behind you, creating a little storm of passage for the traveler.

Exploration Down Under

Inmate @ztaj says he was on a three-month exploration of Australia just a few weeksago when he took the following four pictures, all in Western Australia.  Here we have a  shot of his rented Suzuki DR650 napping on the road north of Broome.

Below, the rental unit is at Cape Keraudren.

Quobba Station.

And finally, Cape LeGrand National Park, east of Esperance.

BMWs in Norway

At a BMW GS meeting in Norway a few weeks ago, @Thirsty took a few pictures, including the shots below. “Great weather and great gravel roadster.”

Touring Europe

@Skogs says he and his wive travelled from Berlin through Saxony to eastern Bavaria in July, crossing the border with the Czech Republic as they headed south. They brought back for us the following four images.

Nothing too outrageous, but beautiful countryside and wonderful small roads. Crossed the Elbe on a small current-driven ferry. The 650s are the perfect bikes to travel on! 

Landscapes of Iceland

On a two-month tour of Iceland a few weeks ago, @The Red Dane stopped to shoot a picture of his 2017 Honda CRF 250 Rally during a day-trip on F899 north of Akureyri. “Fantastic landscapes!”

Old mines

The Colorado mountains are “full of old mine sites,” says @alpina, and while many are gone to the mists of misty mistiness, “remnants remain.”  Well, that’s what remnants do, isn’t it? Alpina says he never gets tired of finding and exploring these old digs. This one, photographed a few weeks ago, is south of Central City and that motorcycle is, you guessed it, a 2021 DR650.

TET Croatia

It was just three or four weeks ago that @Hoschiyama and friend  rode a 2016 Husqvarna 701 and a 2021 KTM 890 Adventure into Croatia, where they remembered a TV documentary about the Zeljava airbase, built into the Plješevica mountains at the Bosnian border.

Since it was not that far away from our planned route, we decided to go for it and found a spectacular lost place with a huge history. More info can be found here. We first were welcomed by an old C-47 before we entered one of the main entrances into the 3.5 km-long tunnel system. We only had a short glimpse inside, because it is not officially accessible and some areas are in danger of collapsing, as you can see on the last picture. Overall it was very impressive to see these tunnels, the orphaned, partially destroyed airfield and learn a little bit about the history behind.

A rest stop

@Guy Young tells us that the two photos below were taken four years ago, while riding his 1995 Kawasaki Concours, which now has more than 200,000 miles under it.

The scenes are both taken from the Confederate Breastworks, a convenient rest stop along US Rte. 250 about 10 miles east of McDowell, Virginia. I just happened to catch the one with the sunset late one evening when coming home from a family reunion over West Virginia. It was taken about 4 years after the one with the bike in the foreground.

Guess who?

It wouldn’t be Friday without a shot from @Tjilpi, who explains that this one was taken a few months ago during a coffee break while riding with a friend (on a Honda NC750X) “in the beautiful mountains north of Chiang Mai, Thailand.” That’s Tjilpi’s Honda Rebel 500 beside the NC.

The mines of Wales

Here, @King Rat says his s1988 BMS R 80 GS is parked in a valley of mines in the middle of Wales, “where metallic mining took place from the Iron Age onwards.” It was a hive of activity in the Industrial Revolution, and what looks like scree here is actually mining waste. Photo take a few weeks ago.

Sardinian adventure

Some years ago I was lucky enough to join a very good friend that lives in Rome on a 5 day ride with 6 of his friends in Sardinia. Staying at agritourismos (local bed and breakfasts) that serve food from their farm or neighbors. An experience of a life time.

That’s @jjustj speaking. His bike is not in the picture, which is more than three years old.

Arkansas adventure

James was in the Ponca Wilderness Area of the Buffalo National River in Arkansas when he shot this picture of his 2020 KTM Adventure 390 a couple of weeks ago.

Not quite there

While trying to get to a fire lookout tower in British Columbia a few months ago, @PvtPts found that mud under the fender of your 2015 Yamaha XT250 can quickly turn into mud up your pants. He explains more fully below.

While base camping in Lillooet, British Columbia, I decided to attempt to reach the Cornwall Hills Fire Lookout Tower up a decommissioned Forest Service Road. The light rain the evening prior turned the thin layer of dust into a layer of gumbo mud. I had no idea the knobbies were not clearing and was travelling a good speed when the front tire suddenly locked up and threw me into the adjacent bush. This was my first experience having mud jam up the small inner fender on the XT250. No injuries sustained, but the inner fender was jammed tight, ripped out 2 of the 4 bolts holding it on, and required removal to get going again; unfortunately the mud became worse as I proceeded, so the Fire Lookout remains on the list for next season!

A snowy day in . . . Australia

The shot below was taken by @fergstrom’s brother a few years ago. It’s his brother’s XR250 on an attempt to reach the summit of Mount Corree in the Brindabella ranges west of Canberra.

Deep space

Another shot from Dr. Fergstrom shows the Tidbinbilla Deep Space Tracking Station near Canberra. This 2014 Suzuki DR650 was on an “essential groceries grip (with a slight detour)” under Covid lockdown rules.

Say, is that a Harley?

Here, Doc Fergstrom presents a picture his brother shot a few months ago of his H-D Sportster and an “interesting” statue in Canberra.

A test ride

We finish this week’s extravaganza of pixels with a shot taken in Ontario, Oregon, a few weeks ago, “looking at the Love Reservoir at dusk.” @EidolonAK tells us that the mountains in the distance are obscured by smoke from the wild fires. “Just finished building my adventure bike (2020 Husky 701 LR) and testing it out on cross-country terrain.”

Thanks for coming by, Inmates. We hope you enjoyed the pictures, and we’ll see you again next week. Keep submitting! Cheers!

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