Hello, Inmates, and welcome back to Photos of the Week after a short absence, which we’ll get around to explaining in a bit—but nothing to worry about! Here, for the Featured Image of POTW number 31 for this year, we have a shot that grabbed us and didn’t let go, for its simplicity and purity. There is a 2017 KTM 690 Enduro R, an orange desert, a blue sky and white clouds . . . and endless distant horizons calling out to the adventurer. The photo was shot by Steve (no Forum user name) a few years ago with a Nikon D5, exposed through a 14–24 mm f/2.8 lens at f/9, ISO 100, focal length 14 mm. Nice bike, extremely nice camera, and a desert to capture the dreams of adventurers: the Kalahari.

I am an Aussie and I love adventure riding; this image was taken when I was crossing the Kalahari Desert solo on a RTW ride. It was an incredible experience and those amazing sand dunes feel like they go on forever. Camping in the middle of the desert was an experience I will never forget.

The Kalahari is a big desert, almost a million square kilometers, and covering much of three south African countries; this shot was taken in Namibia. And this will be irrelevant to some readers, but for those who have seen the 1965 movie Sands of the Kalahari, it’s a place to be feared and respected. And those baboons! Yikes!

Autumn colors: a parade of images

But it’s fall now in the northern hemisphere, and it’s showtime, so we will next have a number of images by different adventurers presenting the splendid colors of autumn foliage. Here, for instance, is a lovely scene photographed by @EidolonAK a month ago while out and about on his 2020 Husqvarna 701LR. “On my way to IDBDR. Came by this beautiful spot on FR22 next to Trail Creek.”

Next, a shot, below, by @YodaJediMaster, taken in early October, with a 2021 Honda CRF300L Rally near an American landmark. Fall rides can often be wet rides, but when they’re in beautiful country the physical discomfort only adds to the specialness of it all. Or maybe it just makes you wish for a blue sky. Or a car.

A cold, rainy afternoon in October, 2021. I rode the 46 miles from camp at Jacob Lake, Arizona, to the North Rim of Grand Canyon and back. The great motorcycle road was complemented by spectacular fall aspens. Only wish the sky were blue! The canyon was obscured by the clouds, but the trip a success.

Below, a photo by @GISkev of his 2017 KTM Enduro R, taken on the way to “go scout for the elk hunt! Somewhere in Utah!” Shot taken not long ago: “I had to stop for this.”

And now, two shots from @Offcamber taken within the last month or so when he was “out for a fall ride in rural New Hampshire” on his 2021 Yamaha TĂ©nĂ©rĂ© 700.

Louisiana elevator

Below, a pair of photos from @wwildbill73 taken within the past six months in “deep dark Louisiana” south of the Leesville (Fort Polk) area on a sandstone trail in the Kisatchie Forest.

A good 30-mile loop of up-and-down, some pretty nice changes in elevation. Could do it on an adventure bike, but a lot more fun on a dual sport.

This picture shows the elevation changes on a GPS screen. Both shots taken on a smart phone.

Off to the races

On his way to a MotoGP race in September, @Squid22 shot this image of his 2021 BMW R1250 RT on Utah Highway 12.

Meanwhile in . . . oh, uh, Wonderful Utah!

Yeah, still in Utah. Same state, different Inmate. This was photographed by @shotsprockets, his 2006 Suzuki DR650SE on the White Rim Train in Canyonlands, within the past half year.

Aussie ranges

Here we have a submission by  Dr Fergstrom, taken a few weeks ago in the Brindabella ranges just west of Canberra, Australia. That Mount Coree behind the Suzuki DR650 and that’s his brother standing next to the Honda XR250.

And below, another Dr Fergstrom shot, approximately the same place, exactly the same bikes, and exactly the same brother “looking longingly at my DR650.” Photos taken Oct. 9.

They received a good flogging

This photo was taken at the summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire, by @Twolanefred. “We were out exploring dirt roads and he told me he never had been to the top, so 190 mile round trip and we did. He had a brand new Yamaha T7 and I flogged my Honda CRF 250l to the top.” Twolanefred doesn’t explain who “he” is but we’ll assume he’s a riding buddy.

What a blast!

Darn—forgot my skateboard!

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, @ibuprofen rode his Kawasaki Versys-X 300 up the mountain outside Sarajevo where the ’84 Winter Olympics were held.

Parts of the road were pretty rough, loose stones and very steep. Found the old olympic bobsled track, that was destroyed in the war. All in all an amazing day of riding.

Smooooth riding

It’s no bobsled track, but the “Dinner Plate Trail” on the rocky shore of Manitoulin Island in Lake Huron, Canada, rewards with its own applause, says @schmittenhymer. A wide layer of flat rocks makes a loud clacking when you ride over it. “It sounds like you are riding on hundreds of dinner plates.” Photo taken a few months ago.

Up in the Rockies

Here’s a shot from @alpina, taken in September on a ride aboard his 2021 Suzuki DR650 on a road high in the Rocky Mountains, “towards Empire, Colorado. Still some haze from the forest fires out west.”

Road? What road?

The two photos below were taken in the mountains of the Black Sea coastal region in Trabzon,  Turkey, says @konam. Shots taken a few months ago. That’s a 2019 KTM 790n Adventure S.

We were (with my brother) traveling to our mountain village and decided to have a little adventure. It was the first time I took my 790 properly offroad. There was supposed to be a road here. But as you can see there is barely anything left of it 🙂

He couldn’t decide which photo was best, so he submitted both, leaving us too confused to make a decision.

Quiet, please!

The bikes in the photo below were caught “formation napping at 12,000 ft on Engineer Pass in Colorado,” says @Geek, who photographed the 2020 BMW R 1250 GS HP and its bedtime-buddy a couple of months ago. “The bikes never touched each other!” Sure—but wait till the lights are turned off.

Is that your pub? No, it’s mine

In the south of Brazil a couple of months ago @Ogrish was riding a 2015 BMW R 1200 GS Adventure when he encountered a “good rock garden road with a very nice old bridge.”

And also, “an amazing pub inside an amethyst mine.”

In Portugal

The two photos below were shot early in October on a ride @Peter640 says was “part of ‘Mum’s Last Gift’ tour of Portugal.” That’s his 2014 BMW R 1200 GS.

And below, in a separate submission but from the same ride, a few more shots from Peter640.

Riding Idaho

In late September Randal (no Forum name) and a friend were out on the 2006 Kawasaki 650 V-Strom and the ’21 Husqvarna 701 LR pictured below.

A weekend ride. Left the Baumgartner Hot Springs and was riding home (Meridian, Idaho) between Pine and Prarie, Idaho (in the background). At about 6,000 feet. 

A little more Idaho

In 2019 @Beekeeper  was on his KTM 690, and @RBMann (who submitted these pictures) was on his 2017 Honda Africa Twin, cutting across the Great Divide Basin from I-80 to South Pass in Wyoming. “The vast emptiness has its own special beauty.”

And below, a picture that we nearly chose for Featured Image, is Beekeeper again, a year earlier, photographed by RBMann who was riding a Suzuki DR650.

We were following a river to its headwaters in the Lost River Range of Idaho, 2018. Sometimes you just have to stop and take it all in. In four attempts we have only made it to the headwater once, the other times we were stopped by bad navigation and weather.

Good night!

And here is @Pegbeater’s 2000 Aprilia Pegaso Cube getting ready for a quiet night in Oregon, USA, photographed by riding buddy Zahan. Say, Pegbeater, why don’t you tell the story? “Okay, sure!”

This was the last night of a full week of riding. My friend Zahan and I went around Pyramid Lake up to Gerlach via dirt, toured around the black rock, headed north on Soldier Meadows to Denio, up to the Alvord desert and then across to the Awyhee River Canyon for a few days. We had spectacular sunsets, full moon rises and amazing sunrises all week. Zahan and I both fiddled with our cameras for a while trying to get some good low light shots. He wins with this one! My tent with a lantern inside and my bike behind. I week that I am still reliving!!

And with that, we’ll say goodbye for another week, but first, we’re going to have Steve say a few words.

Okay, right. Well, we haven’t seen you all for a couple of weeks because I was busy (we all were, actually) working on ADVrider’s next print magazine, which will be ready for shipping very soon.

And back to your anonymous editor (it’s just me again, Steve). Just to say a few words about your pictures. We choose a Featured Image (the top image) more on feel than technique or talent. Many of the photos in this week’s POTW would have looked good in that spot, and certainly display good technique and lots of talent—but the one we chose just had something that gripped us. It was a good shot, but there were a lot of good shots in this week’s POTW, and another photo editor might have picked a different one as Featured. So keep taking good pictures, and keep sending them to us—yours could easily sit at the head of the page some time soon. You can use an expensive Nikon or an old iPhone, what matters is the scene that you capture and the way it speaks to us. Great photographs are out there waiting for you!

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