Same ol’ same ol’

Hello, Inmates, and welcome to POTW No. 32 for this year. We’re back in a big bad way, and glad to be here with you. For our Featured Image this week, we have a nice photo of Frederik crossing the Transfăgărășan Pass in the Carpathian mountains of Romania a couple of months ago (September). We like the fact that another rider (presumably) shot this one on the go (with a Pentax K3 and a Sigma zoom lens, yet), that it’s in focus (well, it was a Pentax), and that it’s in a beautiful place, the Carpathians, home to most of the brown bears in Romania—at least 6,000 and possibly twice that number—one of which is 10 feet away from our adventurer, who seems amused by it all, while the bear seems, like, totally bored. Could it be waiting for something more exciting than a BMW F 650 GS? An R1, maybe, or that most tasty of motorcycle meals on the go, a Harley Electra Glide—mmm, tastes like potato-potato-potato!

We were impressed by the size of the bear and the close association of the motorcycle rider, and the steady hand of the photographer, which is why this is our Featured Image. The rider might not have known that brown bear attacks on humans have increased lately, and that in some parts of the country it’s almost impossible to go outside without seeing one. A Transylvanian mother of three, Monica, told the Times newspaper recently, “The bears are everywhere. . . . every day it’s the same shit.”

Geared up to go

In the photo below, @PackinDirt (left) and co-pilot Scotty (the other way) are in the parking lot of the Wheels Through Time Museum in Maggie Valley, North Carolina, on Aug. 2, 2019, ready to go for a ride. PackinDirt is riding a 2016 Honda XR650L and Scotty is on the Kawasaki KLR. The pic was taken by PackinDirt’s son Simon.

Scotty and I are heading out on 5000+ miles of the TAT after nearly 2.5 years of planning and waiting. This shot encapsulates all of the excitement that you experience as a rider just prior to a big trip. The helmets are connected, the electronics are charged, fresh tires and clean bikes, the gear is checked and double checked, the tracks are loaded, the bikes are running and ready. All we have to do is drop into 1st gear and start our adventure. What an amazing feeling!

Nevada color

Early in October, @Amertens0430 was out for a ride on his 2022 Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro and stopped to capture the scene in “the middle of nowhere between the Santa Rosa mountains and the Calico mountains” in northern Nevada.

Those are the Santa Rosa mountains in the picture. Quick impromptu run to get in a short ride before the snow killed that option for me. 

Seeing double, double

@Squid22 says he met “these Identical Twin Twins” on BMW R 1200 RTs in northern California; they were finishing a cross-country tour of the United States and our Inmate was “on my way back from the race in Austin on my 21 RT.” Photo taken in October.

Back of beyond

The photo below was taken earlier this fall “in the White Mountains in northern California at approximately 10,000 feet,” says @3Mary.

This was an overnight adventure ride into the remote Cottonwood Creek wilderness area. About 20 miles of graded dirt followed by challenging two-rut 4×4 roads into the final destination. 

Off-road, not off-water

In the first photo below, we have Inmate @Snowplow making a water crossing for the first time. “My friend thought it was too easy so wanted to make it harder. I guess he made it too hard.” That’s a Triumph Tiger getting its fur wet.

And here is Snowplow on his first off-road focused trip, in central Tennessee, in front of a small waterfall on a 2020 BMW F 850 GS. Both photos taken a month or two ago.

Before the rain

In the photos below, @Tacticalmedic and riding buddy Brian are exploring trails along the Canada-U.S. border near Chilliwack, B.C. As this is written (mid-November), the Chilliwack area is nearly under water and southwest British Columbia faces severe flooding, landslides, and highway closures, but when these pictures were taken in early October, there was no sign of trouble.

Brian was riding a new to him WR250R and did surprisingly well considering we ended up on a double black diamond trail and he had never really been on single track before. The one picture with the three peaks you can see the border cut up the mountainside between the two peaks (Canadian border peak on the left and American border peak on the right). Brian ended up getting an action shot of me. One shot of us looking back towards Chilliwack with Mt. McGuire on the right. Perfect riding conditions. 

Any Portugal in a storm

A BMW R 1200 GS named Bison sits under a musical mural as @Peter640 takes a break while moseying back to the UK, where he hopes to spend Christmas. “Amazing street art in Portugal!” Pics below were taken early in October when he was reconnecting with the bike after having to rush home from Morocco last year due to Covid.

Feels good to be out and about again. Finding it hard to leave the south of Portugal where it’s so warm and sunny!

Honey, let’s go to Portugal

Actually, it was a “dream trip” to Ireland that @ishirock and partner booked before the pandemic, so gray clouds or not, emerald-green was their color of choice, and who could blame them with “awesome west coast riding, good food, and amazingly friendly people and culture” to enjoy earlier this fall? It does look like good riding, in fact. That’s a 2021 Honda NC750, presumably rented in Ireland.

OK, now I really want to go to Portugal!

If mud isn’t a motorcycle rider’s worst enemy, we don’t know what is. It’s definitely not brown bears. However, @Carbonjunky and his riding buddy (pictured on the 2016 Suzuki DR650), didn’t let a little grease stop them on the KAT (Kentucky Adventure Tour) in October after a week of rain. Well done, lads . . . keep the muddy side down!

Definitely not Wisconsin

Here is Inmate @GreggSlezak on his way up early in October after “taking detours on the MABDR testing the T7 capability with a friend from Wisconsin riding a 300L.” He had us fooled for a second, until we looked closer at the picture and saw that he’s not actually on the Yamaha in this shot.

After two months and nearly 6000 miles on the Ténéré we’re getting used to each other.

Idaho wanderings

Here, @tele-steve is wandering through southeastern Idaho, “along the eastern side of the Lost River Range,” with a 2017 Honda Africa Twin and a 2013 KTM 990 earlier this fall. Obviously, he had his old-fashioned black-and-white phone with him. The tones of the landscape behind the KTM are interesting.

A travelin’ man

We’re going to let @Ian-R tell you all about this one, right below the first picture of this handsome fellow.

I bumped into this bloke (sorry, I don’t recall his name) in Goulburn, NSW, Australia, in October 2017. He told me that he was on his way home to Gympie in central Queensland, from Eden on NSW’s south coast – a distance of around 1600km or 1000 miles. I asked if I could take his photo and he agreed. He’d done all the modifications to his Honda CT200 AUTO AG himself, finding timber and rope to be especially useful. The rope protruding from the LH side cover is used to start the bike. When I saw him he had been riding on freeways. At his bike’s top speed, he said that the emergency stopping lane was the safest place to ride. Fuel economy was terrible and without the optional extra touring fuel tank (only kidding) range anxiety was his travelling companion.

This guy reminded me that you don’t have to spend a fortune on a bike and luggage to have an adventure!

Guess where?

It was early this fall when @Cementhead took his 2005 V-Strom 1000 out for a ride down the La Sal Mountain loop road and shot this picture in . . . why, it must have been Wonderful Utah!

Sun gets in your eye

At a lunch stop in Columbus, New Mexico, on his way to Arizona and then Baja a few months ago, @michaellmcc found the early afternoon sun had fallen to earth and taken up residence in his mirror, leaving a giant sucking black hole in space 93 million miles away. But hey, you can’t have everything! He’s planning on opening a traveling tanning studio.

Que será será

Our smiling friend does indeed seem to be saying “Whatever will be, will be!” even though he has a flat tire to fix on his Tiger 800XC before he can carry on to Laguna de Perlas, Nicaragua. And who is our happily singing friend? Why, it’s none other than Panchogarancho, of course! Who else would sing that dopey song in public?

Up in the high timber

@Av8ter took a ride up to Timberline Lodge in . . . well, he didn’t say, but we’ll call it Oregon. He did it on his 2019 Triumph Tiger in September. A  beautiful time to ride in the western United States.

A first time for everything

And he says we all know “the joy of riding a new bike for the first time.” This one, a 2017 Honda Rebel 500, was photographed on his first ride with it on a mountain road near Chiang Mai, Thailand.

From New Mexico

It was a ride from Los Alamos, New Mexico, that took @Coco The Giant to Engineer Pass in Colorado with his 2002 Kawasaki KLR650 a few weeks ago.


And now . . . autumn, again

We have a few shots of the changing colors for you now, and since we featured them at the top last week, we’re putting them here this week, just to be fair to those who hate autumn’s splendid colorshow. This one, along County Road 510 in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, was taken by @1994klr250 during a 1,200 mile loop of the peninsula on his 2006 Kawasaki KLX351 in the first week of October.

They have fall in Canada, too?

They do. In fact, it’s fall all year ’round in Canada, ever since they switched to Celsius, because it never gets above about 48°. Here, it’s a lovely fall day for a late September ride in Ontario through the backroads of Algonquin Park, to be followed up in some remote trails in the Gatineau Hills of Quebec, courtesy of our fall tour guide, @Advart, who was riding a 20210 Honda CB500X.

Meanwhile, in Canada

Fall colours (Canadian spelling) ride 2021. October. Flume Ridge, Charlotte County, New Brunswick. ’02 DR-Z 400S. @West Isles.

Misty morning

Fall leaves are pretty, but for our money there is nothing more beautiful than early morning mist on quiet water, which is what we have here for our final picture of the week, courtesy of @PackinDirt, who was riding a 2000 Honda VFR800 Interceptor in October when he found this camping spot and settled in for the night.


For mid-October, it’s been unusually warm in the northeast so I ditched work and headed for the Maine coast. This campground was right on the water on an inlet just south of Bath, ME. It was so warm that night that I slept on top of my sleeping bag, lulled to sweet slumber by the waves breaking gently on the rocks below. From where I was camped, I could hear the larger breakers on the other side of the bay as well. A far off“whooossssh, whooossssh”. The morning sun was about to break over the trees on the other side of the small bay when I took this shot.

And with that, we’ll say adieu, because we’ve been to Quebec. We at want to thank all of the adventurer-photographers who submitted photos for our, and your, enjoyment this week, and we will conclude with the same request: more, please! Ride safe, stay safe, and have a great week everyone!

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