Welcome to ADVrider’s Photos of the Week. Here are images sent to us by talented and fearless motorcycle riders enjoying and exploring the world, from the browner grass next door to the exotica of far-flung corners in places nobody can pronounce.

Above, our featured image of the week, a snowy scene discovered by @Agiant on a return trip from southern Utah to California a couple of years ago. His description was terse, but accurate.

Surprisingly cold, but beautiful.

The depth of color as autumn takes hold in the high country is outlined by a layer of fresh white snow, and there in the foreground is a bike not many of us would be brave enough to make a long trip on, a 2009 Suzuki TU250X. There’s nothing about this photo we don’t like: composition, focus, subject material. Would a bit of late-day sunlight enhance the look? Maybe, but the clouded flatness of the lighting presents us with the full range of color and almost nothing lost in shadows. If you gotta ride in the snow, this is the kind of scene that brightens the mind and spirit when the body is frozen. Somebody, put heated grips on this bike!

Garden of South Africa

In what used to be called the Eden District, the rider below appears to be alone in a hot, wild world. @HighRustler was on a 15-day tour in early 2020 from Capetown to Kruger National Park, spanning South Africa, Lesotho, and Eswatini.

We covered roughly 4000 km on dirt and pavement. The highest point was 10,200msl in Lesotho.

Today, this part of South Africa is called the Garden Route District. It’s located in the Western Cape Province. The bike is a 2019 BMW R1250 GS. HighRustler gave us another view from that trip, but we’re saving it for our closing shot, so keep reading.

I said impassible, not impossible!

@Bwheeler245 says he was at the end of a very muddy and challenging section of the Colorado BDR following a heavy rain when the shot below was taken, and it was there that

. . . we noticed a sign reading “impassible when wet.” 

That’s a 2014 Kawasaki KLR650, of course, and the shot was taken a couple of years ago.

Did we say impossible?

He was climbing a tough section of the Charouleaux Gap Trail near Tucson, Arizona, a few weeks ago when @Cactus_Reese stalled his 2009 BMW F800 GS (below).

Luckily I was in a spot where I could get the kickstand down. Double lucky that the traction was good enough to ride up and out of trouble.

One day before

It was March 2020 when @Nicobico shot this warm picture of a sunset at Punta Ballena in Uruguay. He had ridden from Brazil to participate in a riders group meeting at Punta del Este and he made this photo-stop before heading home.

It was a true magnificent view of the famous seaside city. Perfect to frame my ride in a beautiful golden light. It was my last “big” bike trip because next day I crossed the border back to Brasil and the pandemic closed the borders.

He says only “minor” Photoshop brightness and contrast tweaks were made to the shot of his 2012 BMW R1200 GS Triple Black, photographed with a Sony A6000.

Still life with Jake

Jake—that’s the Australian Cattle Dog perched on the 2005 BMW R1200 GS in the pic below—needed to get out of the house, so he convinced @Figjammin to fire up the bike and hit the Redwood National and State Park in California.

We finally stopped for the evening on the coast and camped. Jake rides in the open top box where the pillion was. He rides more miles on an average weekend with me than most R.U.B.’s (Rich Urban Bikers) do all year. 


Sunset on the coast of northern California. It was just a few weeks ago that Figjammin shot the soulful scenic above, the amusing still life with Jake above that, and the dignified portrait below, all with a Samsung Galaxy S10E.

Stay right, and smile

Coming from Australia, @Ian_R had to remind himself which lane to ride in, down Argentina way. It was 2015, he was in Patagonia with Compass Expeditions, heading to Los Glaciares National Park on a 2014 BMW F700 GS, and so absorbed in remembering to keep right that he didn’t notice the scenery until they stopped. Another rider snapped the action shot below.

Jackie Ferguson was riding pillion with her husband. They were riding behind me and Jackie had her Canon EOS 7D camera in her lap. She snapped this stunning shot of the Andes with me in the foreground while riding along . . . thanks Jackie!

Only one first time

Jules1050 had just gotten his licence in June 2019 and was enjoying his first ride from the UK into Spain when he shot this picture of his 2015 KTM 1050 Adventure near Bilbao.

Awash in trails

On the rim of Palm Wash, west of California’s Salton Sea, @Rainforest Rider shows us his 2004 Yamaha XT225 (below), an easy-going little bike, but he didn’t ride it from his west coast home to get there early last year.

There are a LOT of trails in this area, and many interesting washes. I am a bit inhibited by my inability in the fairly frequent soft sand sections—which I do not like!

Rainforest Rider uses a small crane to lift his Yamaha onto the back of an RV for travel. The home-built crane is removable and powered by a boat trailer winch, an easy way to load and unload the bike, he says. Try doing that with a GS 1250.

What they do

Just a couple a dudes doin’ what dudes do, more or less. @ScotLongYear and a buddy met up in Colorado Springs a year or two ago and headed south to the New Mexico BDR.

After a couple epic days of riding we met a solo rider who joined us for the next few days. Isn’t that part of what these adventures are all about?

ScotLongYear, here performing a (sidestand down) tribute to Indian Larry on the 2013 Kawasaki KLR 650, says the New Mexico BDR will not disappoint.

Sublime scenery

It can take a moment to appreciate the scenery in Vermont, but as the image below by @ADVJessi shows, the relaxed nature of the beauty can hit you all at once, stirring an unrelaxed reaction.

 We came around this corner and had to stand on the brakes to stop and get a photo.

Shot in September 2020 with a Samsung S10. That’s a 2014 BMW F800 GS getting all bucolic.

Fall foliage & fine riding

It was a nice fall day in October 2019 and I decided to take a fall foliage ride. Most of the entire road is filled with beautiful scenery like this and there’s hardly any traffic.

You can almost smell the autumn leaves in that shot by @Leesburger, who captured his 2008 Kawasaki KLR 650 in front of the fall color show on Howards Lick Road, halfway between Mathias and Moorefield, West Virginia.

Tasmanian outing

The photo below of Scruffy54′s 1990 BMW R100 GSPD was taken on Feb. 23 near Stanley, Tasmania, while riding around the island on some of Australia’s best roads.

Small price

On a sunny winter day in western Sweden just over a year ago, @Swetard and a friend took this 1982 Yamaha XJ400 and the 2019 Husqvarna 701 Enduro for a ride. The roads were a little slippery so they got as much gravel-riding in as they could. Swetard, who owns both bikes, says he “somehow” managed to keep the Yamaha up with the Husky. But some time earlier that year the friend had crashed and written off his own bike, so this was his first time out on two wheels since then.

He is now looking for an FE 450, so I’d call that a success even though it came at the expense of a mirror and a scuffed grip after I laid the 701 down on an ice-patch on the hard stuff in an intersection. I guess that is a small price to pay for another dirt rider.

February, in Mexico

The well-packed 2015 Suzuki DR650S (below) is by the shore of the Pacific Ocean, halfway down Mexico’s west coast on Route 200 near Maruata, Michoácan, with @Veselko at the helm. 

Incredible road

Mexico, again. One of those guys in the pic below is @WRguy, one of five who set out sometime last year on enduros, riding from Guaymas, Sonora, and hitting as much dirt as possible before reaching Batopilas, from which location they set out again, for Urique. WRguy was on a 2018 Yamaha WR250R.

 The Batopilas–Urique “road” is incredible. One of my favorite rides in 50 years. This was our first Copper Canyon adventure in Mexico—one more since but many more to come.

Just a little snow

The pic below, shot with a Nikon D3400, is from a Feb. 13, 2020, ride over Custer Pass in California. @ScotsFire was riding a 2014 BMW F800 GSA.

Very little snow for the year made this a spectacular ride in perfect, if cool, weather. First time I’ve ridden through marked avalanche areas.

Turbo power

That’s a custom D902 turbocharged diesel-powered Kawabota AWD in the photo below, taken on dirt roads along Highway 1 in Big Sur, California, and owned and ridden by @SPKR. You don’t see many of those, do you? Photographed with a Nikon D90 more than six months ago.

Honey, get the camera

Something else you don’t see much of, a giant steel mammoth in attack position, smiling. RC30boy encountered the steel woolly outside Borrego Springs, California, a few months ago and managed to escape on his 2008 BMW R1200 GS.

Goodnight, Lesotho

We promised another photo from @HighRustler, and here it is, also taken on that 15-day tour from Capetown to Kruger National Park. This one, from the Maletsunyane Gorge in Lesotho, leaves us with the green hills of Africa and the tail end of a 2019 BMW R1250 GS to inspire us all to come back a week from now. And to send in more photos!

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