And . . . we’re back. With a whole new Photos of the Week for your enjoyment (we hope!). Today’s Featured Image was brought to you by @RockyDS, who shot this pic of the Salmon Glacier in northern British Columbia, Canada’s most relaxed province.

I took this photo in 2018 on the way back to Alberta after a trip to Telegraph Creek, B.C.

The road RockyDS and his 2017 Honda CRF 250 Rally were on goes from B.C. through Hyder, Alaska, and back into B.C. This was a side trip on his way down the Stewart Cassiar Highway from Dease Lake. He shot the picture with a Nikon Coolpix at f/4.1 and 1/1250—a high shutter speed because, you know, those Canadian glaciers really move. But seriously, RockyDS’s image gets the best of our love this week because the gathering of pixels sent in by you (thank you!) seems especially drawn to those loud, empty places, and we think this image  articulates that idea very well.

Temperature’s rising

Below, more wide open. No glacial activity because, as @sahara_anon says, it’s “hot as hell” in the dunes of Brazil. He shot the picture of his 1995 Honda NX350 Sahara within the past six months.

California beaming

They were “just a couple of Canadians on [their] way home” when @Unclegreyhair shot the picture below of his 2017 KTM 1290 Super Adventure R in a September when the bike was quite a bit newer.

This image from California Highway 78 above Escondido is only half the story, because Unclegreyhair and his riding buddy would be back for more.

We rode the GPSKevin Pacific Divide Ride from Osoyoos, B.C., to Tecate, MX, in Sept. Then stored the bikes and flew home, returning in June to do the Continental Divide ride home.

There’s bad, and then there’s Bad

This shot (below) of YankeeLake’s 2018 KTM 530 EXC was taken a few years ago on a morning ride along the rim road in the American Badlands. There’s room out there for a fella to get good and lost, if he so desired. Thirsty work, though.  Fortunately, @YankeeLake got home and uploaded his photos.

On and off and on again

The around-the-world trip that @JuddS started in January 2020 was put on hold a couple of months later and he left his 2018 Triumph Tiger 800XcA in Costa Rica. Now, he’s vaccinated and riding again after picking up his bike from a shipping container in Cartagena, Columbia.

This photo was taken today 3.22.2021 in the Canon De Chicamocha in Colombia. It is bigger than both the Grand Canyon and Barrancas De Cobre in Mexico. I’ve ridden both of those and this was much more impressive! Tomorrow I ride up to 15,000 feet or so!

Country Roads

The shot above of @alpina‘s fine-looking 2019 Yamaha MT-07 is a nice composition with Grapevine Road in the background. It’s west of Denver, Colorado, and please pardon our little headline, but we love that song and always will.

Rainbow effect

Happy Buddha shot this pic of his 2020 Harley-Davidson LiveWire near Tacoma in Washington state. It’s proof that electricity really does come from rainbows, though we can’t get those scientist-types to agree. As if the year of the bike didn’t make it clear, @Happy Buddha’s picture was taken recently.

Highland fling

The Allegheny Highlands of Virginia and West Virginia, backdrop for this photo by @Hotdogman, “are a motorcycling paradise with beautiful curvy roads and wonderful expansive views.” The image below was taken just east of the Virginia-West Virginia state line on Allegheny Mountain . . .

. . . about 5 miles from my home. The photo is looking east into Highland County, Virginia also referred to as “Little Switzerland.” Within a mile of this spot is the George Washington and the Monongahela National Forests. The Jefferson National Forest is to the south representing the most contiguous public land in the eastern United States. Great for off-road riding for many miles.

The mighty Fraser

This 2019 Suzuki DRZ400 (below) was parked by the great Frazer River in British Columbia a little northeast of Vancouver. @Jan’s husband was on a little trek up the Frazer Canyon more than six months ago. It’s great riding territory, though a little hot and dry.

Leaning at windmills

The shot below was taken on a windmill service road above Palmerston North, on the North Island of New Zealand a little earlier this year. The 2013 Triumph Tiger 800 XC (ABS) was happily ridden by @nightfalcon, who says . . .

. . . It was a 32°C degree day and we were about to come across a large mud hole that took some moving to get a 790R through it [but] the Tiger clawed its way through no problem.


The pic below was taken on a fall colors ride through Wolfcreek Pass in Utah. Pj47metke was riding a 2004 BMW R1150 RT and was well-dressed for a ride in colorful territory.

Good buddy bikes

Jknad and a friend were competing in a HUMM (Horizons Unlimited Mountain Madness) event in the Canadian Rockies near Invermere, B.C., when they got lost while trying to find a scavenger hunt item.

My buddy Ben stopped his bike (WR250R) as he was overheated and frustrated. I stopped next to him and did not realize how close we were. What ended up happening was this great shot of the two bikes hanging out in the tall grass. . . . We did not win [the scavenger hunt] and that did not matter at all!


That’s @Jknad‘s 2005 Kawasaki KLX 400 in the tall grass with the blue Yamaha.


@ibmindless was taking a break from it all more than six months ago when this shot of the 2000 BMW R1100S was captured at Torrey Pines State Beach in San Diego, California. Tricky exposure, but the iPhone 11 Max Pro seems to have known what to do with it.

That’s Morocco?

We envisioned sand and sky in abundance, but green mountain valleys are present in Morocco, too, according to @Tjilpi, who shot this image (below) of a rented 2019 SWM 650 Adventure more than six months ago.

A wonderful place to ride.

Michigan autumn

For @1994klr250, the ride to High Rock Bay in the Keweenaw Peninsula at the top of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula was a new experience.

The fall colors were abundant in the early morning sun. Fall time in northern Michigan brings out some spectacular colors in the vast forest. Miles of dirt roads and trails are a dual sport rider’s dream.


I’ll take the one on the right

Alan_999 says he was riding this 2007  KTM 990 ADV (below) in the middle of nowhere when he met two six-foot guys riding minibikes and out of gas a few years ago in the United Kingdom.


When @BobGS bought the 2020 BMW R1250 GS (below left) he “simply could not let go of the old 1150 (2003 R1150 GS)” though he did sell it in the end. “My hart was broken.” We should all suffer such trauma.

Family jewels

Just getting ready for spring riding, according to @Beemmeup, who shot this within the last month. Those are a 1964 R27, a 1972 R60, a 1987 K1000RS, and a 2003 K1200 RS, all of the BMW persuasion.

Pandemic tour

If ever there was a time for adventure, camping and land border crossing, this is it, says @barakamonk, who set off on what he calls a Madrid-Tokyo World Pandemic Tour 2020-202x on two classic Yamaha SR250s. We’ll let him take over for what follows:

Fixing our bikes in a barn and a farm while volunteering in Turkey, reaching the end of the road in Serbia (bridge collapsed), watching the sea of clouds from above in Bosnia and Croatia Natural Parks or entering Turkey from Bulgaria at Edirne. All of them part of an epic story that will only finish when we finally reach our destination: the Yamaha factory at Hatsumoto, Japan.


We hope they make it, and we look forward to pix of those two Yamahas in Hatsumoto.

And finally, a day at the beach

A deserted beach in Ciudad de Carmen on the Caribbeanb coast of Mexico called to @Bartay when he was returning Central America in early 2020. He says he “didn’t want Keiko to get a sun burn, so parked her in the shade.” Keiko, of course, being the 2019 Honda CB500X under the umbrella tree in the photo below.

March 15, 2020. Returning to the States after the U.S. border was closed due to Covid. Was finishing up a 6 month, 13,000 mi solo adv trip from San Francisco to the Darien Gap (Panama) and returning via a different route. Had left San Francisco in Oct 2019 and by March in 2020 the Central American borders were closing behind me on the way back north. Finally made it across into New Mexico at the end of March and back to SF by mid April.

And so we close on a wide-open-beach-spaces image, which we hope will tide you over until next week, when, if you continue to send us your beautiful images, we’ll be back. Till then, amigos!

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