May we present Photos of the Week #8 for 2021. For our Featured Image this week we’ve chosen a shot taken on a spot of land between the North and South islands of New Zealand. When @Peter 640 and a friend made a plan to visit the D’Urville Island Scenic Reserve, they had no idea what they would encounter. As things worked out, it was better than expected.

My God it’s pretty and NO ONE is there! We took a punt across and had an amazing 48 hours! I love a crazy plan that comes together!

The tour of D’Urville Island was a few years ago, but the memories will likely last forever. A few more of Peter640’s images from that trip follow, below.

Above, that’s Peter640’s BMW R1200 GS being stalked by Shadow Man. It’s hard to be sure, but it looks like the bay in the photo above is the one indicated in the photo below.

The seas are calm, the punt is loaded, and there are picnic chairs for the comfort of passengers. The other bike is a KTM 990 Adventure ridden by @John C.

Here is another shot from Peter640, taken in the hills of the South Island with John C on the KTM. Pretty country!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch

Nevadaville, Colorado, is a little drier than New Zealand but almost as pretty when the sky is blue. And it looks like a great place for social distancing. That 2019 MT-07 Yamaha belongs to @alpina, who says there are old mine ruins behind the city hall building. Alpina assembled the photo below with a Canon M200 last July. Thoughtful of him to let the bike enjoy a wee bit of that Colorado shade, but we’re hoping nobody set off a fire alarm!

Bzzz, bzzzz

March Moto Madness is a worldwide event, and here in the great state of Tennessee, USA, it draws 300 cc two-strokes out of their hives to get them buzzing around the countryside. This year’s event comes to us via @Colemanfu, who grabbed a frame from a GoPro7 vid.

Not spooky canyons

It was the weekend of All Hallows’ Eve last fall when @PassBagger explored red rock slot canyons in the middle of Utah with a 2019 Husqvarna FE501.

Long ride out

Even with a Tornado, it took @MikeS nearly two hours to get out of the picture below last year, a little bit of Peru on Hwy 3N south of Cachicadan.

I was riding a 250 cc Honda Tornado. That night I met a French bicycle traveler who passed through here the day before.

California spring

It was only a couple of weeks ago that @Guillaume shot this picture of his Honda CB500X on the Turkey Flat OHV trail in Los Padres National Forest near Pozo, Santa Margarita, and San Luis Obispo on the central California coast.

Elsewhere in California

Joshua Tree National Park in California was the setting for the picture below, shot in February by @Dudley with an iPhone 12. That’s a 1989 Honda Transalp resting on its sidestand but yearning for distant horizons.

Therapy ride

When the roads around Ottawa, Ontario, had finally cleared of ice and snow, @Frankenbuffer was “in dire need of a therapy ride on the T700” (a 2020 Yamaha Ténéré 700). In early March he rode his “favorite twisty route” to The Narrows, a lock on the historic Rideau Canal west of Ottawa, where he shot the picture below.

Big Rideau Lake remained frozen but there was a glimmer of warmth in the air, augmented by my heated jacket. No cars, no people—quite unlike the usual bustling vacation traffic that is typical of the area once cottage season opens up. Just a bit of leftover sand on the pavement to watch out for in the corners.

Big island

He was on his way home, exhausted after a full day of riding, when @schmittenhymer saw the possibility of a good shot, so he turned around and got off the 2010 Suzuki V-Strom 650 with his Samsung phone.

 This pic was taken on Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada. The world’s largest freshwater island! There are many great roads and vistas on the island. 

Goin’ home

In the Karoo region of South Africa at this time of year it’s warm and dry. After a day’s ride, @Dorsland stopped on the Witnek Pass road on the way home to his farm and dismounted from his 2018 Honda Africa Twin DCT to shoot the picture below with an iPhone XS.

Last ride

A few years ago Mike shot the image below of a cold, leaf-strewn backroad somewhere (he doesn’t specify) in the United States—it looks like New York state or maybe Pennsylvania to us, but what do we know? Nuttin’, that’s what. The picture may be geographically random, but it precisely captures the feeling of a cool fall ride in the North American countryside, don’t you think? The windscreen at the bottom of the picture belongs to a 2013 Yamaha Super Ténéré.

Last ride of the season when you are worried you won’t make it because of snow but it ended up being perfect. The quaky aspen trees were bright yellow and covered the mostly 2 track road. The skiff of snow made it look awesome. Not too cold but crispy mountain road all alone. Road for 1.5 hours without seeing a single person.

The mighty CNR

That’s an old train station on the Canadian National Railway route at Indian, Ontario (below), last July. It might be just an abandoned whistle stop but according to @RiderDrew, the route the station is on is “the superhighway of old rail beds.” In the photo we have a 2014 Kawasaki KLX 250, a 2018 Suzuki DR 650, and a Suzuki DRZ 400, model year unknown.

Half way through the 3rd day of a 4-day mostly off-road trip [that included Algonquin Park] we ended up on the wide long stretch of loose and dusty railway stone. It think it was old iron ore slag as the dust was a ridiculously toxic cloud of brown. We had to ride 3 abreast to beat the dust and go fast to let physics keep the bikes upright. 

Curvy Arkansas roads

In the photo below, a “big ol’ Harley” eyes the “seductive curves of Push Mountain Road, and belows that, AR Route 9, photographed by @ScottFree last fall with a Pentax K1000D.

The Push Mountain shot used a 135mm telephoto lens and I had to walk way up into the weeds to frame it.


A little farther afield

A quiet spot between waves of COVID last summer allowed @Skogs to get away for a week and head south from Berlin through the Czech Republic into “rainy” Slovakia on the 1999 Suzuki XF650 shown below.

What an interesting country with tons of mountains (up to 8000 ft along the Polish border), friendly people and many quiet roads. The beer isn’t bad either!

Gold, I say! Gold!

No, @wpoll did not discover the gold at the “white quartz and pit that is Buster Diggings” near Mt. Buster in Central Otago, New Zealand. But taking a picture of his 2001 BMW F650 GS Dakar there a couple of weeks ago has got to be just as good.

Access to this gold sluicing site from the late 1800s is via the Mt. Buster track, a steep clay and schist climb that includes water crossings, tight corners, deep ruts (from 4×4s) and spectacular views of the Maniototo Plains below and the surrounding mountains.

Coastal view

That 2019 Triumph Tiger 800 ridden by @Stogiejim was cooling its wheels beside the Pacific Ocean along the central coast of California two or three weeks ago when he photographed it.

The lovely bones

Pictures of the camp setup below and the bony remains of agricultural commodities were taken by SDgravel_rider during the 2021 BajaXL Rally, which went from Tecate at the northern end of the Baja all the way down to the tip of the peninsula and back in 10 days. His bike is a 2017 BMW F800 GS.

 We followed the eastern coast for the most part south and then up the western coast back. 

It was quite an adventure and the two of us were the only ones doing it on Motorcycles. The rest were all using 4-wheel drive vehicles of some sort, with a few gambler vehicles thrown in that had beefed up their off-road capabilities. 

Clean and shiny

We’ll let @ramkumar999 tell you about this Triumph in the photo below.

I had been looking at purchasing a used Triumph Bonneville. But current market conditions has pushed the boundaries of where I could find a good deal. Living north of Atlanta, it was a 250 mile ride as the bike was in Savannah, GA. With not much options, I decided to take a bus to Savannah and proceeded to ride the bike back on the straight line that is I16. So overall did 500 mile round trip in a single day to get the bike back home by midnight. It was an adventure riding with wind blowing on your face at 70+ mph speeds. [This] picture was taken after washing the bugs off the next day.

You might be able to tell that the photo above was not taken with an iPhone. Nikon D610 with Nikkor 55mm f/1.2 manual focus lens.

Denali bound

He was on the Denali Highway in Alaska after completing the Dempster-to-Tuk ride and had just left his riding partners to continue on his own when @kirbike stopped to catch the scene before him with his Fuji XT-10.

I practically had this whole road to myself. There were stormy clouds all around, but I didn’t get caught in any rain. My plan was to head all the way to Denali, but I ended up finding lodging at a hunt camp, because it did look like I was heading for a storm.

Not just another writer

Inmates familiar with Road & Track and Cycle World magazines might recognize Peter Egan, photographed a few years ago by FJRider at a Slimy Crud run in Wisconsin. Egan is one of the best writers in moto-journalism, penning columns of beauty and feeling. He’s also sporting a pretty cool Commando there. Check the right-side gear shift lever.

Big Bend

@Chipster was “cruising (bouncing)” the backroads of Big Bend National Park south of Marfa, Texas, when he shot the image below a couple of weeks ago. That’s a 2019 BMW R1250 GS.

Aussie travels

We leave you this week with some images from @Ausbrick, taken a few years ago while cruising Australia on a 2016 Honda Africa Twin.


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