Bimota’s official Facebook page says that its KB4 is coming in the summer of 2020.  Using a link to an MCN article, Bimota says that the new machine will be shown in the summer of 2020.

So far, only a rendering of the bike has been seen.  But it is known that the KB4 will feature Bimota’s trellis frame.  It will host the latest 1043cc four-cylinder engine found in Kawasaki Ninja 1000 SX.

bimota motorcycle

A front view of the Bimota KB4. Image credit:  Enrico Borghesan

Reportedly, the KB4 will adopt the Kawasaki’s electronics package to help the chassis manage the bike’s 140bhp engine.  This may also mean that the KB4 will have Kawasaki’s latest ride-by-wire throttle, allowing the KB4 to have cruise control.  MCN says that the bulky throttle housing in the KB4’s imagery is the giveaway.

Bimota press officer Gianluca Galasso was quoted as saying:

“The first test prototype is scheduled to be on the road during the spring 2020, so it’s reasonable at the moment to plan a pre-production bike for the summer 2020.”

Galasso also added:

“The idea shared by Bimota technicians is to have a 600cc size motorcycle with the power of a torquey 1000cc engine.”

Bimota’s resurrection occurred when a deal saw Kawasaki take a 49.9% stake in the company late last year.

bimota motorcycle

Bimota showed off its Tesi H2 during EICMA 2019. Photo credit: Bimota

While the KB4 may be off until the summer of 2020, the reborn company already showed off its hub-center steering Tesi H2 at EICMA in November.  With the inclusion of Kawasaki’s funding and expertise, the good times may keep rolling at Bimota.


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