I heard nothing but good things about Knipex from lots of people, a company I had never hear of. Most of my tools over the years I have always bought the best quality from a company like Snap-On and Mac so the price of these to me was in line with how good quality tools are priced and they sell their tools for.

If you are not used to higher-priced tools you might get sticker shock with these!

I have the smallest set as part of my tool kit for my travel bike, they are small and lightweight, with an opening range that will cover around 98% of fasteners on my motorcycle. Areas they won’t open wide enough for are the axle bolts for example, and honestly an area that I prefer to use a specialized tool for.

The pliers are very easy to operate as you can see in the video below, the main difference with these over say the Cresent version of an adjustable wrench is they feel a lot more solid.

I find the adjustable wrench type has a tendency for the moveable jaw not always to be parallel with the fixed jaw. This can potentially cause slight rounding of a nut or bolt head. The Knipex holds its position square due to the design and you are the one causing the pressure not opposing jaws.

They are definitely a tool to consider for the workshop and also for a way to lighten up a tool kit on a motorcycle, bicycle, etc.

An added benefit is they are also good as a holding plier, not only for bike parts but even found them useful grabbing that hot cooking pot off a flame when I’m camping.

One thing we all look for in tools is to have a tool that can do multiple things, not a one-trick pony…

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