I added these bead breakers, part number 08-0519 to my tool kit around 7 years ago, and TBH I would be lost without them now.

Mine show years of wear and use but besides the anodizing scuffed off in a few areas are as perfect as the day I bought them.

Prior to having these getting a tire bead to break off the rim was usually a lot more difficult affair, requiring the help of another rider, or my bike on a center stand and precariously try to lean it over on it and use my side stand as a bead breaker, or stopping a passing car asking them to drive over the bead, or jumping up and down on the sidewall of the tire. All of these can only be called a PITA once you have used these bead breakers.

Simple and easy to use, as shown in the video, for memory sake, the writing on each tire iron faces upwards for correct orientation.

I showed these to a friend of mine who at the time had been on the road on their motorcycle for 20 years and a million km’s and he just laughed at them, until he tried them. He has now had his own set for over six years and thanks me every time we speak if he’s had a flat tire.

I also carry an additional MP tire iron and I have never had a situation where I can’t get a tire off and on the rim using these three tools, practice!

So, from two riders with a now combined 30+ years and 1.5 million kms on the road, these are an essential tool to carry and we both wish we’d found them earlier


If changing your tires makes you swear, sweat and work overly hard you need to work on your technique.

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