This is the exact spot, right here…stopped to take a photo of my buddy Phil cresting Corkscrew Pass.

Took my camera out of the tank bag, took the lens cap off, laid on the seat as I’ve done thousands of times before…and a gust of wind blew it on the ground. I took the shot then picked it up, thinking nothing of it, wrong! The little plastic spring inside broke and I did a temp fix with some JB

That short drop saw the cap break like I’d dropped Grandma’s best china.

That afternoon I rode into Ouray to grab a new one, 67mm so reasonably common, nowhere had one. I called a few places at close by Montrose, none there either.

I stopped in a gallery on Main Street to check with a local photographer to see if he had a spare I could buy from him, again no luck, but his response, “beer koozie!”

I guess when you bitch about stuff breaking nowadays Ai is listening and finding solutions, scary, but in this case good.

I got a few ads showing a company called ‘Kurvd‘ a rubber lens cap, I ignored them for a while but then thought I’d try one, and I can say I am impressed

The fit and quality were so good I ordered a few more for lenses on the camera and off, and on two that had a rear caps that has never been a great fit.

The nice thing is they can be removed with one hand and now when taking a shot the last thing I need to worry about is a lens cap

and a few different sizes are available


***This is NOT a sponsored post, just a product I found recently that I thought a few of you might be interested in, if the same lens cap issue happened to you or you find yourself riding in dusty conditions a lot.


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