We may or may not like it but it seems our phones continue to become nearly indispensable in our day to day lives.  But, beyond day to day living, phones are rapidly becoming a tool for adventure riders.  They have become a tool for navigation, as well as route keeping and sharing.

Because of the number of navigation and route sharing apps that are available, many riders are replacing their GPS for phones.  That in itself brings its own set of problems.

Phones are often not as rugged as “adventurized” GPSs such as the Garmin Montana, Garmin Zumo, and many others.   These units were designed to take shocks that occur in riding and are waterproof.  Most phones, not so much.

So if you have changed to a phone for navigation, what do you do to protect it?  Do you use a “ruggedized” case?

Is a ruggedized case sufficient in itself?  There are many products that claim to provide exceptional protection.  For example, companies like ROKFORM claim that their ruggedized Rugged S case will keep your phone safe.

They claim that their case provides “shockproof” protection from up to a 6-foot drop and that their design allows a user to still use the edges of the display.

ROKFORM Rugged S Case

They also say they have a “powerful” magnet built into the case that lets a user stick the phone to most magnetic surfaces.  Or, you can use their “Twist Lock” system to mount the phone to your bike.

But are these qualities enough?

If you use your phone for navigation etc., is a case enough?  What do you use to protect your phone and make it useful?

Note:  We don’t need to tell you that you shouldn’t be operating your phone while riding, right?

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