Back in late February, we told you about the resurrected Pursang name.  At that time, we told you that the fully electric bikes were nearing completion.  And now they are indeed in production in the form of the Pursang E-Track.

E-Track Pursang

Pursang E-Track motorcycles outside of the

If you are not familiar with Pursang, the name got its start in off-road competition courtesy of Bultaco.  The bike’s image gained more fame when Peter Fonda rides one in the movie Easy Rider.

In a tough economy, Pursang met with financial difficulties and folded.  But in 2019, a Pursang branded concept bike appeared at EICMA, and a year later, an advanced prototype made an appearance at the Barcelona Auto Show.  Now it appears the development cycle is complete and electric Pursangs are for sale to the public.

E-Track Pursang

This side panel is a compartment that opens to allow access to the interior of the bike.

The new machine is called the E-Track.  It adopts a minimalistic, retro-inspired flat tracker design theme that looks surprisingly good.  Although it still has a somewhat “boxy” look, design elements make the battery pack look less conspicuous.

E-track power

The E-Track has an 11kW Bosch motor that uses three 48V batteries.  This gives the machine a total power capacity of 7.2 kW (2.4 kW per battery). Pursang says that the bike provides up to 140 kilometers (~80 miles) of range and has a manufacturer-limited maximum speed of 120 kph (about 75 mph).

E-Track Pursang

The bike has a flat-tracker retro look.

The E-Track comes with three riding modes: Cruise, Go, and Boost.  Each mode provides different levels of power.  Depending on the mode used, Pursang says the E-Track will give you 140, 115, and 80 kilometers (87, 71, and 50 miles) of range, respectively.  According to Pursang, charging takes 6 hours from what looks to be a wall outlet connector.

The Pursang E-track is now available at the E-Center showroom in the Netherlands.  Pricing is set at €14,499 ($17,068).



All photo credit: E-Center



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