With the advent of the Yamaha Nikken, there’s been a fair amount in the news about leaning “bikes.”

But for a few years now, a Swiss company called Quadro has been producing a line of 3 and four wheel “scooters” for urban commuting and now adventure riding.  Their Quadro4 Steinbock adventure model is the company’s first foray into adventure riding.  Perhaps not for gnarly single track, but for maintained unpaved roads, the Steinbock can be a means to get off the pavement and see the road less traveled.

With four wheels, the machine supports itself and does not require a side stand.  But it does lean up to 45 degrees has 4 contact patches and two rear driven wheels.  Quadro claims that this gives the Steinbock superior traction on less than good surfaces.  The Steinbock uses its HTS (Hydraulic Tilting System) and four wheel disc AWBS (All Wheel Braking System) to spread braking 50/50 front to rear maximizing stability.  A 30 horsepower engine and automatic clutch round out the drive train.

For those that want to travel in open air and experience a leaning vehicle, the Quadro Steinbock could fit the bill.  Especially for those with disabilities or neither the desire or skill to ride on two wheels, the Quadro Steinbock presents a means to experience the outside world without being cocooned in a metal and glass box.


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