Now that we’ve returned from Spain and Morocco, the CDC says Kim and I should self-quarantine for 14 days to make sure we haven’t contracted COVID-19.  We’re taking it seriously and have pretty much locked ourselves into our home.

For us, that means no riding, particularly since we are still trapped in a cold Vermont winter with 6 inches of snow forecast for tomorrow.  But, if we could ride like Toni Bou, we could still go riding without leaving the comfort of our home.  While the surroundings might not change, we could be riding and enjoying the feel of the machine.

In this video, Toni shows us how you can go for a ride without leaving the confines of his home.  He even takes the opportunity to play with his dog while on the machine.

If you have Toni’s skills, enjoy your riding.  For the rest of us mere mortals, if we want to ride inside, we’ll have to resort to something like this.

Sorry, Kim, the quarantine made me do it!  Photo credit: @sikatris

We wish you good health through the COVID-19 pandemic.  It won’t be easy, particularly if you must quarantine yourself, but with a little moto mind over matter, perhaps you can make this difficult situation a bit better.


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