Beta has provided the first look at is 2020 range of RR-S dual sport bikes.  Here’s a quick summary.

RR-S Engines

  1. A new redesigned four-stroke motor is 2.2 pounds lighter and sports new twin injectors.  By using a new map, the injectors provide better fuel economy and a bit more power.
  2. Each Beta gets a new cooling system.  A new higher flow water pump has been added through high-efficiency radiators.  Cooling is simplified by moving coolant through the frame.  Beta has also added a new cylinder and cylinder head specifically designed to utilize the additional coolant flow and reduce engine operating temperatures.
  3. An updated clutch uses now friction material with the aim of making shifting smoother.  A revised gear shifter with shorter throw now requires less force.  A new magnesium clutch cover assists a more efficient flow of oil to the clutch.  The flywheel cover is also now made from magnesium.

Beta has revised the RR-S range of engines.

RR-S Chassis

  1. The bike’s center of gravity has been moved.  It is now closer to the swingarm pivot.  The crankshaft has been moved rearward and the clutch assembly moved upward to centralize mass.
  2. The swingarm is longer to improve stability and traction.
  3. The same frame used for all four motorcycles in the 2020 Beta RR-S lineup.  But its geometry and rigidity are new.  Cast pieces are now used and the frame is narrower.  Below, the revised frame gets a new skid plate.
  4. The new Betas get a new rear subframe. A beefed-up subframe helps improve resistance to crash damage.
  5. The new air filter positioning makes it faster and easier to install a replacement filter properly.
  6. A new exhaust is mated to the new rear subframe and the heat shield has been updated.

The RR-S range features a revised frame and subframe.

RR-S Suspension

  1. The complete 2020 Beta RR-S lineup gets new ZF fork internals. The cartridge now has a lower center of gravity to improve handling.  It also results in better compliance.  Beta has also reworked the fork valving.
  2. The four models now have an all-new ZF shock. It has revised valving, and less bounce when braking.  A longer, more progressive shock bumper provides a softer and increased bottoming resistance.
  3. Riders who want a two-inch lower seat can order it as a factory option.  Purpose designed parts inside the fork and shock make it easy to reduce the seat height on all four 2020 RR-S dual-sport motorcycles.

A two-inch lower seat height can be ordered through the use of purpose-built fork and shock internals.

Other goodies

  1. New cast footpegs with larger openings to better shed mud.  New footpeg teeth increase boot grip.
  2. A larger fuel tank now holds 2.4 gallons of fuel.
  3. The dash is new.  It also includes GPS as a standard feature.
  4. Redesigned ergonomics provide wider handlebars and a more comfortable seat.
  5. A new front cowl, front and, rear fenders ducts and fairings have been installed.

The RR-S’s revised footpegs help shed mud and improve boot grip.


  1. The sidestand is new and now has a bigger foot for more stability.
  2. The revised 2020 Beta RR-S dual-sport motorcycles will be at dealers in November 2019.
  3. Beta’s changes and updates come at a price.  The new models have a $300 across the board price increase.  The new pricing is a follows:
  •  $10,599 MSRP – 2020 Beta 350 RR-S
  • $10,699 MSRP – 2020 Beta 390 RR-S
  • $10,799 MSRP – 2020 Beta 430 RR-S
  • $10,899 MSRP -2020 Beta 500 RR-S

BYOB (Build Your Own Bike)

For 2020, Beta is continuing its BYOB program.  The novel program allows riders to custom build their own Beta.  More than 400 accessories from aftermarket manufacturers allow customers to customize their bikes with options like wheels, handlebars, gearing, tire, etc. and have those choices delivered with the bike.



All photo credits: Beta

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