It seems easy to do, you’ve seen the guys at the Dakar towing each other for miles. How hard could it be?

Firstly practice a little with your riding partners, DO NOT wait to learn this until the second you need it.

Personally I have done a couple of very long tows, Cuba for around 300km and Peru for around 100km. Both times were peg to peg, my preferred way to go, as is most riders.

The issue I had was right near the end of the tow, the line snapped multiple times due to the tow happening in the rainy season, the line simply failed.

The equipment I carry –

This one is by a brand called Speed Strap, it’s webbing type, has sewn in loopholes which gives you the ability to make it as short or as long as you require or easily add an extension

Other options I have seen riders use are tubular type webbing, the type easily found in climbing shops, but in this case, make sure you know how to tie a good knot.

Other options are Mule tape or pull tape. If you know an electrician he probably has a lot of this lying around, cut to size at your preferred length, 15 feet or more is good to have. If you don’t have an electrician friend, this can be found on eBay very cheaply.


If you forget a tow strap and break down but carry a cable lock this can work in a pinch, but you won’t have a quick-release option, so extra caution is required. Two of these were used for the last section in Cuba when the webbing had failed completely

for reference – Home Depot or similar stores sell these and also the components to make them yourself and save a little money. You will have to have a good way to compress a crimp so it’s secure


The towing –  a video is a great way to show different options and Brake Mag did the best one I could find. The only point I think they didn’t emphasize is when the strap is attached to the towing bike, make sure, the tow strap weight is pulling on the peg mount, not on the peg because its folds, and is obviously a stronger point to pull from.


Have a watch any comments, advice, add it below



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