As I continue on my journey this year, I potentially have 22 different languages in the next set of countries over the next 10-12 months, and possibly more dialects and accents to deal with.

Google translate is great but sometimes some of the more obscure languages aren’t there or the translations are so way off it simply doesn’t work.

Next up is charades, anyone that has traveled has found themselves doing this, and it is, of course, an amusing way to interact with locals and usually make yourself look a fool while doing it.

Or even possibly trying to draw what you want!

There is another way…

Spend around $5-6 and get yourself a Wordless Travel Book, it is exactly what it sounds like. You can find them on Amazon, eBay, and bookstores if they don’t have it, can order it for you with the ISBN # 0-89815-809-5

mine is well used after years of travel

Inside there are a bunch of images for all your basic needs from various types of food, fruit, vegetables, desserts, transportation, building, hotel room stuff, clothing, stores, cooking tools, and hand tools.


Get creative and combine a few to really get exactly what you want, a steak, medium rare with multiple vegetables…easily doable, or more basic like a fried egg sandwich as shown

As an add on to this, while traveling with a South Korean rider a few years back through Russia whenever food was presented at a restaurant he would take a photo with his phone, rate it 1-10…10 being amazing, and then ask the chef or wait staff to type the name of the food and ingredients.

This way when you find yourself in a little eatery in the middle of nowhere and it has no menus and no one else around (happens a lot) you can use the book or try and order a specific food that you felt was great or grab your phone and know there is a possibility of getting a 10.


Eat well while you travel or you can trust the chef when he shouts, GOOD, GOOD and then something shows up like listed below.



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