Rabaconda is a name synonymous with doing a quick change where a powered machine isn’t an option, the familiar places you will see them are at motocross, enduro races, or in your buddy’s garage who likes to change his own dirt bike tires.

…but how are they for changing an incredibly stiff sidewall adventure tire? More on that later, first let’s see what you get in your delivery.

Ultimate KIT for ADV and dual-sport tire changes!

The KIT includes:

  1. #1 TIRE CHANGER IN THE WORLD – Rabaconda 3-Minute Tire Changer
  2. PRO Tire Iron Set of 5pcs
  3. UPGRADE!! Now includes 2 x 17″ Tire Spoons (instead of 16” before)
  4. 12-18mm Spindle
  5. 28mm Adapter
  6. 58mm Adapter for BMW GS shaft drive type wheels

…and looks like this inside the included heavy-duty bag, and it weighs around 60lbs

All laid out and ready to assemble, it is very quick to put together, no tools required

There is one threaded black knob to attach the three legs together in a ‘Y-section’ and one section already has an upright in place

Then the other two uprights attach with simple fold-down levers, decide what your wheel size is and side them into place accordingly.

The bead breaker part is on a sliding mechanism which helps position it on the sidewall of your tire very easily

…and the lever has good length to be able to put the required pressure to break the bead with ease.

The Rabaconda is made for spoke wheels, if you plan on doing cast wheels do it at your own risk (per Rabaconda) but some riders do, putting protection on parts that could potentially rub or cause damage.

The tire removing process – I watched a few videos and all were on MX tires, nice and soft sidewalls, breaking about 25% of the bead then lift it over the rim with the levers, then flip the wheel/ tire over and push the tire off the rim.

Putting the new tire on looks like a simple affair by pushing one side of the tire onto the rim, flip the wheel/ tire, get a small section of the tire under the rim edge, and use your knee and the machine as your third hand and lever the rest on and you’re done in three minutes…easy right…but that’s not going to work on an HD adventure tire with an extremely stiff sidewall

This is how easy it made to look by one of the companies guys doing an MX tire in three minutes

I watched that video for pointers and thought rather than trying to explain I would do a quick video of my first attempt and see how close I could get to his three minutes.

I’m guessing closer to five minutes, the reason is; I’m taking off a very stiff Dunlop Trailmax Mission, that had been mounted for over a year and it had 14,000 miles on it. The tire I’m replacing it with is a MotoZ GPS, another very stiff tough to change a tire.

See how I get on below with my first ever attempt at using this machine having never even seen one in person before!



In review, I found the machine easy to use and understand, making a tire change at home easier, a lot quicker and not being on the floor or using a bucket as a stand. I will say I am used to changing tires by hand so I might have found it a little easier than someone who has never changed a tire before.

With the cost of getting a tire changed at a shop in the $30-50 range or sometimes more if you don’t take the wheel off yourself. Any rider with a bike or three will recoup the expense in decent time and the machine is very well made and durable so I would expect it to last a lifetime of regular home use.

Overall very impressed.

For more details, options and pricing go to the website Rabaconda.com

Disclaimer: Rabaconda kindly sent us a Tire Changer Kit for the purpose of doing a review.

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