Rained for 4 hours vs. forecast 2 hours, too lazy to stop and put heated gloves on! Sun came out for next 4 hours. Safe in Tyumen. Super clean room, 32USD and free breakfast!

Omsk to Tyuman Day Map

On arrival, stopping just to get my bearings, local folks are generally curious.

Tyumen Initial Arrival Locals Always Curious

Some photos of a typical Russian hotel room.  Great value.

Tyumen Hotel Bedroom

Of Russia I’d quote Joshua Slocum on young men contemplating a voyage, “I’d say go”.

Tyumen Hotel View Outside

If you match “cleanliness score” and low price on hotel booking sites you’ll be happy.

Tyumen Hotel Bathroom

And just like that, back on the road again.

Tyumen Steel Mule Simply Loaded and Ready to Roll

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