Since the ADV life in GIFs received a warm welcome, I decided to explain rally life in GIFS next. As a complete rally newbie, I’m convinced most of amateur rally racing can be explained in animated memes, especially the expectations vs reality part.

If you’re a rally racing first-timer and don’t take yourself too seriously, you might find these familiar.

When you complete a rally registration form and hit “send”

What you tell your friends about doing your first rally

How you really feel about doing your first rally

When fellow rally riders ask if you understand the roadbook

How you really feel looking at the roadbook

What you think you look like at the rally start line

What you really look like at the rally start line

When you pass another rider during the first day of rally…

…then realize it was a rally photographer looking for a good spot…

..then try to pose for the photo

When you see rally staff after finishing a special stage…

Only to find out they’re here to send you back to the bivoauc because you went over the time limit…

…then try pleading with them to let you finish the second special stage anyway…

But they tell you “no”

When you see another rider on the side of the track and think they need help…

But it’s actually one of the pro riders taking a break because they’ve already finished the whole route

When you meet another rally first timer in the bivouac and their riding level is the same as yours…

But then it turns out it’s actually one of the riders’ kids

What you think finishing a rally will be like

What it really feels like

How you think you’ll feel about your bike post-rally

What your bike actually looks like after the rally

Despite it all, how you feel about doing another rally ASAP

Featured image: Pixabay



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