There are a host of motorcycle phone mounts on the market.  Many of them use two spring-tensioned bars arranged in an “X” to hold your device.  While this is somewhat secure, if you are riding on less than perfect pavement, those two bars may not be good enough to ensure that your device stays where it should.  So for extra security, you can add rubber band holders that grip the 4 corners of your phone.  While this method works pretty well, each time you want to secure or remove your phone, you are forced to use both hands and take off the rubber bands and open the spring-tensioned bars.  That’s where RAM’s Quick Grip XL phone mount comes in.

Quick-Grip XL mounting system

RAM aimed to solve this problem and claims to have developed a new phone mount called the RAM Quick-Grip XL that allows you to securely mount and remove your phone with one hand in a single motion.  Their new mount does not use an X bar configuration but provides a flat platform to cradle your phone.

At the sides of the platform are up to six adjustable fingers to secure the phone laterally.  The fingers can be adjusted with a set screw to avoid hitting any of the control buttons on the side of your phone.  Adjust them once and no further adjustments are necessary.

Securing your phone vertically, are two hard-mounted cradle arms at the top and bottom of the mount.  The mount’s top arms are spring-tensioned and retract to the size of your phone securing it to the platform.  In concept, your phone should be solidly and safely mounted while being easy to remove with a single gloved hand.

Sizes and pricing

The mount comes in two sizes to grasp most phones.  Both come with a handlebar base and short mounting arm.  Retail price for the RAM Quick Grip is $53.49 for the base version and $54.49 for the XL version.


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