You have that big ride planned, maybe this year maybe next but it is happening for sure. The bike that you are going to take sits in your garage, stock as the day it left the factory, but you know it will need a few things before you head off into the sunset.

  1. ADVrider is probably one of the largest resources of information (inmates and articles) on virtually every single make and model of recent bikes released in recent history.
  2. Monopolize on that and do a little surfing in “Bikes Section” to see the vast amount of threads about every single/ nut/ widget/ farkle that your bike needs or could need for that next big adventure
  3. Take time and clean your bike thoroughly before you start, and get photos of every angle you can, also include photos of the bike with the tank and seat off, and shots of your wiring. This will help you, and maybe others at a later date to help you spot a failure when you  are on the road…with a comparisons photo
  4. The vendor’s section is the first place you should look for parts, because you are an inmate. A lot of vendors offer great discounts on their products, simply because you are an inmate, a nice perk of being a member
  5. On ADVrider we have a great knowledge base of RTW riders, Racers, shops, mechanics, engineers and more. If you detail your build thread as a step by step guide other inmates may have done what you are doing before, with positive or negative results. They may have an alternative option on a part that you may not know is known to fail
  6. Inmates will step in to point out unique factory failure points on your particular model (they all have them) and solutions you may not have thought of
  7. When done you will have a full history of your build in words and photos to refer to later if needed. If you need inmates to help you can then you can easily refer to what is wrong and what you did and where to find it in your build thread.
  8. Surprise invites (tent space) more than a few times because of build threads I have gotten invites (if I’m passing) to come and stop in for a beer/ a night/ garage space/ specialty tools
  9. You might be offered free parts/ sponsorship because a company/ manufacturer wants some real-world testing completed that they can’t do


A few good build threads with great interaction to read through

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