Aftermarket fairing manufacturer Rebel X is at it again, working on a new “Plug&Play” option for the KTM 790 Adventure.

Rebel X already makes a rally fairing kit for the 790 Adventure, turning the machine from a sensible adventure bike into a more aggressive rally-style machine (although still street-legal—find more details here). That rally kit was designed with function in mind, with space for GPS and other navigation equipment. The new Plug&Play fairing is designed to be easy to install, changing the bike’s look and improving wind protection, but it’s not intended to turn the machine into a racer.

According to the Rebel X website, the new fairing is for riders wanting to change the look of their KTM 790 “without having to change any of the OEM tower nor headlight components.” It installs directly into, and around, the existing chassis and stock bodywork panels.

Rebel X is building the new fairing with help from Autologue Design, an India-based outfit that builds bodykits and accessories for a wide range of smaller machines. For now, its line seems to be mainly aimed at the Indian market, so the deal with Rebel X will be a major step forward for Autologue. According to Rebel X, they’re also collaborating on a easy-installation fairing kit for the new KTM 390 Adventure.

The Rebel X website doesn’t say what materials will be used to create the new bolt-on bodywork, nor does it list an MSRP. The bodykit is expected later this summer, so stay tuned and we’ll get the details soon enough.

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