Remember when you were a little kid, and the Sears Christmas catalog would come around? You could spend hours, days even, with your eyes glued to the pages, longing for such sober items as a Red Ryder BB gun, or action figures/dolls, a guitar, whatever.

Of course, you inevitable got the same old socks-and-underwear when Christmas actually arrived, but at least you had six weeks of anticipation leading up the big day.

Wal-Mart and Amazon have pretty much killed that fun, at least for kids. If you’re a grown-up with a motorcycle, though, you can still re-create that six-week binge of anticipation by heading over to and ordering yourself a copy of the company’s printed 2019 catalog.

“But wait.” you say: “Didn’t Aerostich already have a 2019 catalog? Isn’t it kind of late to be releasing a 2019 catalog anyway?” Errr, yes and yes. Aerostich had a supplemental spring catalog for 2019, but now the full 308-page catalog is available.

Someone somewhere may have told you that printed catalogs are bad for the environment, bad for your health, and generally useless since Al Gore invented the Internet. Why order the Aerostich catalog? As per the press release: “The annual Aerostich Catalog is not like your normal gear catalog. It always has a lot of good information, sidebars, tips and ideas. And after you are done going through it, you’ll find it looks good decorating any bookshelf, coffee table or even in the bathroom.

Or, more realistically: The Aerostich catalog is great, because when your spouse/inlaws/whoever ask what you want for Christmas, you just haul out your catalog and circle what you want—it’s easy, no websites involved. It’s loaded with high-quality gear you can actually use, not just the junky “gremlin bells” that your local hog dealer pawns off on feeble-minded customers, or the junky made-in-China “waterproof riding gloves” that show up on Amazon.

If you just order the catalog, Aerostich charges $10 for it, but you can get one for free with any product order (Aerostich will ship you a free catalog with a $4 earplug case order). As well, if you pay $10 for a catalog, Aerostich will deduct that $10 from any future purchase. And, if you’re morally opposed to flipping through newsprint, you can always download the catalog via PDF for free. Happy shopping!.

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