The Aprilia RS250 SP is new, it’s only for the track—and it’s coming to the US market, says Asphalt & Rubber.

If you missed the RS250 SP when it debuted last fall, it’s no surprise. Aprilia announced this bike at EICMA, but without the fanfare that accompanies the more high-profile announcements. This machine is not the latest and greatest fire-breathing superbike, after all. It’s a basic 250-class sportbike, intended for track use only.

This 250 has a four-stroke motor, with four-valve head, and output is around 30 horsepower. It’s got decent components, with Brembo brakes, Pirelli tires, SC-Project exhaust, forged Marchesini wheels and Ohlins suspension. Most of that kit is sourced in Italy, which totally makes sense. This bike is designed by Aprilia, but built by Ohvale. It was originally made to participate in a six-race series that runs totally in Italy, the Italian Motorcycling Federation’s Aprilia Sport Production Championship.

We’ve seen this sort of machine from Aprilia before, but in the past, the RS250 was a two-smoker, back when you saw those sorts of high-revving screamers on Euro roadracing tracks. These days, two-stroke race bikes are basically done, thanks to MotoGP’s move to four-stroke machinery. The RS250 SP was designed for spec series racing, but if an owner ever wanted to shoehorn it into some other series (which will be the case in the US), it will help that it’s a four-stroke motor. There are plenty of four-stroke 250 series out there already, at the club level.

Although A&R reports the RS250 SP is coming to the US, you won’t find it at Aprilia’s American website. Instead, it’s being imported by the Ohvale distributor, Rise Moto. If you want more deets, maybe you fancy yourself a new trackday toy, head over to Rise Moto’s website for help.

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