Following on 2020’s lineup of newly-established motorcycle film festivals, the Rev Sisters have announced a lineup of festivals for 2021.

The Rev Sisters is the all-female team of Liza Miller, Shana Sanderson and Michelle Lamphere. They all met while working on the Women Riders World Relay, and decided to combine their respective skills and talents to work on further moto-centric projects. Initially, they planned a series of three motorcycle film festivals for 2020, based in California, South Dakota, and New Jersey. COVID-19 interfered, canceling the first event and requiring the South Dakota and New Jersey events to go online-only—you can read about the South Jersey Motorcycle Film Festival here.

Obviously, 2020 did not go according to plan, but that isn’t stopping the Rev Sisters from pushing forward with a plan for this year. In 2021, the Rev Sisters scheduled the Santa Cruz Motorcycle Film Festival for May 14-16 (now accepting submissions here, more information here, otherwise).

Then there’s the black Hills Motorcycle Film Festival, scheduled for August 13-15. This event has a bit of a theme; the Rev Sisters say it’s “Celebrating the novice filmmaker, the garage GoPro pro on the throttle, the home movie hack, and even your cousin Dave who makes those hilarious and badass moto short films.” With that in mind, it’s open to anyone who wants to submit a film. Organizers say “We wanna see the real world riding and experiences you’ve had while doing moto things.

The Rev Sisters’ movie festival circuit closes out with the South Jersey Motorcycle Film Festival on November 5-7. This event is supposed to celebrate women as subjects of film, and as filmmakers, as well as their love of motorcycles. Says the press release, “We wanna support women behind ‘bars’ and cameras. Chicas are doing some fantastic things – riding, racing, wrenching, adventuring, blogging and vlogging – and we think it’s all worth sharing. And we have a special mission we will be announcing to support women filmmakers…so stay tuned!

Curious? Keep an eye on for more details, as they emerge.

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