We told you about the KTM 1290 Super adventure being revised a while ago.  Well, it seems that a revised KTM 1290 Super Adventure has been spotted again.

Austrian outlet Motorrad Magazin has posted pictures of the revised beast.  The changes look to be quite significant.  KTM is moving the 1290 Adventure towards a more travel-oriented form.

Motorrad Magazin says that the revised bike will be available in 2020.  Here’s what they are saying are the new tidbits:

  • The bike’s fairing is much larger to improve wind protection.
  • The fuel tanks now are at the bottom of the fairing.  This move is much like the new 790 Adventure’s fuel storage.
  • The wider fairing provides more space for a larger two piece radiator to aid in cooling.
  • A larger exhaust canister helps reduce emissions and noise in keeping with the upcoming Euro 5 emission limits.
  • Some engine tuning will occur that will increase both power and torque.
  • While the frame is slightly modified, the rear sub-frame is now cast aluminum.
  • The bike utilizes a new larger swingarm.
  • Adaptive cruise control will be available as an option.  Reportedly, the system provides the rider with both optical and audible warning signals.
  • Electronic aids are plentiful.  Cornering ABS, switchable engine modes, incline based traction control, and more are available.

To see Motorrad Magazin’s spy shots visit their website.

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