REV’IT! continues to add to its Sand 4 adventure gear series, with its new Sand 4 gloves.

REV’IT! updated the Sand series already this winter with the new Sand 4 line. Check out the launch video below:

The new Sand 4 gloves are the same basic idea as previous Sand gloves: A mesh shell, for breathability. Touchscreen-friendly fingertips. Flexible, rubbery armour in the knuckles, providing basic protection in a crash—definitely not as good as roadracing-style gloves, but far better than a pair of non-armoured enduro or MX gloves. Read more about them here.

REV’IT!’s gloves dry off quickly after riding through rain, thanks to their mesh construction, but some riders prefer their gloves to be waterproof. Enter REV’IT!’s new Sand 4 H20 gloves, with waterproof and breathable hydratex liner. These don’t have the same mesh breathability, and the armor is more rigid, not the flexible stuff of the lighter Sand 4 gloves. Basically, these are a street glove, while the standard Sand 4 gloves are more offroad-friendly.

Finally, the new Volcano gloves aren’t Sand-branded, but REV’IT! lumps them in with that collection. These are similar to the Sand 4 gloves, with mesh shell construction, but the Volcano gloves have tougher knuckle protection. See them here.

REV’IT!’s gloves have never been cheap, and the latest product line continues that. Revzilla, usually a good idea of pricing in the US, sells the Sand 4 gloves for $109.99. The Sand 4 H20 sells for $139.99 a pair. The Volcano gloves sell for $69.99 a pair, so they might be the best deal here, if you think they have enough protection for you.

See more details on REV’IT!’s updated Sand series of riding gear at the company’s website. Generally speaking, this equipment runs along the lines of previous REV’IT! gear, with waterproof and thermal liners, generally designed for comfort on street and trail, and a fairly tidy fit.

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