REV’IT! is ready to play dirty. After focusing on street-biased riding gear for years, REV’IT! is moving past the cafe racer/touring scene and making new equipment specifically aimed at offroad riding.

To be clear, REV’IT! has made adventure bike gear before. The Sand series has been around forever. But, the Sand series was definitely made for street-based riding, while the new REV’IT! Dirt Series is built for the “most demanding off-road adventure rider.” At least, that’s what the marketeers tell us.

Modular design

REV’IT’s previous adventure gear had protective padding built into the jacket or pants, with either waterproof liners or a waterproof outer layer, and lots of venting built in.

The new Dirt Series line instead has a set of padded gear, with jackets and pants layered over that. There’s the Slingshot back protector, Scram knee protectors, and Proteus armoured jacket. This base layer of equipment is designed to protecy you from impact in a crash or fall. This is new territory for REV’IT! but familiar design from other manufacturers.

From there, REV’IT! has a line of offroad jerseys (see examples here and here) and pants (here, here, and here). The jerseys don’t appear to be aimed at protective usage, but the pants are made of Cordura, which would provide some resistance against road rash.

Then there’s the jackets. REV’IT! has a set of jackets aimed at providing crash resistance, or weather resistance, or both (here, here, here, and here). These are also designed to be lightweight, vented, etc., etc.—just the thing for proper offroading.

For a full look at the line, which includes equipment from other REV’IT! series (boots, gloves, etc), visit the company’s website here.

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