Motorcycle gear manufacturer REV’IT! is looking for help. This summer, REV’IT! wants to add “active, impassioned female ADV explorers in North America” to its women’s ADV team, with applications closing on July 18.

What exactly does the REV’IT! Women’s ADV Riding Team do? There are two aspects to the role. First, as you’d expect, the riders promote the REV’IT! brand in North America, focusing on the world of adventure riding. They’ll rep for REV’IT! at ADV events,

The Women’s ADV Riding Team will also appear in online media like the #WeADV video series.

The other aspect of the role is maybe more interesting and exciting. REV’IT! uses the Women’s ADV Riding Team to perform product testing, to perfect riding gear before it’s released to the public. This is valuable for any riding gear, but perhaps especially important in the world of women’s gear. Many female riders have had issues finding properly-fitted gear over the years, and the REV’IT! testing program aims to solve that problem.

What sort of rider is REV’IT! looking for? They’re looking for adventure riders from all aspects of the ADV scene, from long overland trips to tough single-track. As per the REV’IT! website,

Applicants must be highly active riders, and be willing and able put our gear to the test. While professional photography skills are not needed, a decent eye, along with some social media experience, and content savvy-ness is a must. Most importantly, you believe in female ridership and want to expand representation in the ADV community!

Head to the REV’IT! website for more details, or apply here. Act fast; applications close July 18.

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