The US economy is opening up, just as the weather’s getting better. If you’re looking to kit out your bike, or yourself, with some new gear, Revzilla’s got some deals running this weekend.

First up, gear for you: The REV’IT! Convex and Arc Air jackets are marked down, along with the Velocity and Striker 3 gloves. They’re all priced 10 percent off, and there’s also 10 percent savings on Forcefield gear. Motonation is also marked down, with 20 percent savings. Tourmaster riding gear is marked down 20 percent, as is Cortech‘s line. First Manufacturing riding gear is also discounted, with 25 percent savings. Speed and Strength gear is discounted 15 per cent. Sidi boots have a 10 percent discount.

Some of those gear sales end as early as Tuesday, May 26, and some end as late as Sunday, May 31. Either way, if you want something there, you probably want to get the order out sooner rather than later.

Our Top Pics

Spring, Fall & Winter:

Tour Master Transition 5 Jacket

Venting for hotter climates, Rainguard barrier when the skies open up, and a thermal liner for those chilly days and nights.

Not too big nor too small, it's right sized:

Cortech Super 2.0 12-Liter Magnetic Tank Bag

When you are ready to take the tank bag with you off the bike, release the hidden backpack straps or use the handy rubber carry strap.

As for luggage: Revzilla has the Nelson Rigg Commuter Lite tail bag, Commuter Sport tail bag and Commuter Touring tail bag all marked 20 percent off. Cortech and Tourmaster luggage is also 20 per cent off. Considering those brands are all reasonably priced to start with, this is a good chance to outfit your bike on the cheap. Like the riding gear sales, these deals all end sometime next week, depending which items you’re looking at.

Money is tight for many of us right now, thanks to COVID-19 taking a massive crap on the economy. This will allow some of us to save some cash at the start of riding season, at least.

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