Ready to ride Europe? If you’ll be mostly sticking to paved roads, make sure you also stick to local rules and road etiquette which may vary from country to country. If something is confusing, like rules for lane splitting, just ask the local riders – they’re always happy to share advice and routes. To get going, here is some general advice:

Speed limits

The speed limits may vary from country to country throughout Europe, but usually, the speed limit in urban areas is 25 miles per hour in almost every country. However, it further decreases near schools and residential areas, so pay attention to road signs. On regional roads, the limit is usually around 55m/h and up to 80 miles per hour on highways (unless you’re on a German Autobahn, which is a whole another story).

Noise limitations

Europeans don’t believe in loud pipes, so if your exhaust is extra loud, double check noise limitations before you go.

Annoying Stuff European Drivers Do

If you find yourself on a highway and are riding less than 65 miles per hour, get out of the inner lane. It’s no fun to ride with the trucks, but just get out. If you don’t, you’ll soon have a local maniac sitting on your tail. In Germany, they’ll also flash your lights at you. In Sicily, they’ll get so uncomfortably close you’ll feel like a deer in the headlights.

Nice Stuff European Riders Do

To wave or not to wave to other riders is entirely up to you, but generally, European riders wave to other riders (or nod if you’re in the UK, since you’ll be riding on the left and your usual waving hand will be on your throttle).

If you break down, don’t just stand on the side of the road looking forlorn – try to actively flag someone down if you need help.

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