There’s something refreshingly honest about the Cake Kalk electric motorcycle.

We’ve covered a boatload of new electric bikes since this blog launched over the summer, starting with the AIMExpo in Las Vegas.

For the most part, these new bikes have all followed the same basic template; marry the benefits of electric drive to the proven appeal of traditional bike designs.

Greenger G400-R, with five gears and all-electric drive

That’s why we have machines like the Greenger and the Energica Ego.

Energica Ego — image courtesy of Enel

Sweden’s Cake has a different idea.

They’ve designed an electric motorcycle that makes no apologies for its appearance. With the Kalk, performance is the first, last and only word.

Cake Kalk — photo courtesy of Cake

I don’t know if they pioneered the category of “light electric off-road motorcycles”, but they’ve taken it to heart. The Kalk weighs a mere 152 pounds (69 kgs.)

Lightweight Cake Kalk — photo courtesy of Cake

They’ve shaved off everything that’s not essential to its mission, which is scrambling around off-road on a battery-powered bike. Hence the Kalk’s unique appearance.

Cake Kalk — photo courtesy of Cake

Cake was founded by Stefan Ytterborn, who helped lead IKEA to its current size and who also founded ski equipment maker POC.

Ytterborn wanted to develop a motorbike that allows people to enjoy the outdoors in an environmentally-friendly way, which includes noise pollution.

51.8 volt motor on the Cake Kalk — photo courtesy of Cake

The Kalk has a 52-volt motor that makes a peak of 15 kW (20 horsepower) with 42 Nm (31 ftlb) of torque. Top speed is 55 mph.

The 24-inch wheels (front and back) carry a welded aluminum frame, suspended by Öhlins forks and shock with 205 mm (8 inches) of travel and a seat height that’s 910 mm (35 inches.) You can get the full specs here (scroll down.)

Cake Kalk — photo courtesy of Cake

The Cake Kalk may be light and it may be a ton of fun to throw around trails while enjoying the natural sounds of nature, but there are a couple of things about it that are familiar issues with all electric bikes.

Öhlins front and rear on the Cake Kalk — photo courtesy of Cake

The first is range. It has three ride modes. The most speed-capped mode limits the bike to 45 kph (27 mph) and gives a 2 hour ride, or roughly 84 kilometers (52 miles.) The most extreme setting runs down the battery in just an hour.

On the plus side, it only takes 1.5 hours to get it back to an 80% charge and 2.5 hours to fully charge it.

Cake Kalk — photo courtesy of Cake

The other familiar issue is price. The Cake Kalk will cost $13,000.

If that tempts you, you can plonk down a grand right now and pre-order one. They say deliveries will start in January 2019.

Cake Kalk — photo courtesy of Cake

If you need further enticing, here’s the Kalk’s marketing video.

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