Do you use rider apps while traveling? I try to avoid over-optimization of adventure riding wherever I can, but some apps out there are just useful, especially on long-distance trips. I’m not going to touch on navigation apps here as it’s a very individual choice, but here are the three apps I found the most useful while on the road:


Old but gold: WhatsApp is an irreplaceable app while on the go, and not just because of free messages and video calls. WhatsApp is extremely popular in South America, and I’ve used it to reach out to other travelers, locate motorcycle mechanics, and schedule bike service at dealerships – all via WhatsApp. Sometimes, Facebook Messenger can do the job just as well, but in countries where WhatsApp is king, having this app comes in handy all the time.


iOverlander is probably the best route information app out there. Lately, it seems it’s been more geared towards campervan and 4×4 travelers, but even then, the user-generated open source route info is amazing. Wild camping spots, warnings of washed-out bridges or roadworks, places with free Wifi and even information on whether a particular hotel or guesthouse has hot water (not always a given, especially in South America), motorcycle parking, and internet connection is priceless.

Wolf Pack

Skip this one if you’re traveling solo, but if you’re planning a group ride, this app is worth downloading. Wolf Pack enables creating itineraries for group rides, easy rider tracking, and group chats on the go; a really neat feature is the ability to see where everyone is on the app while riding, which means you don’t have to stop and wait for the last rider if you can’t see them in the mirror anymore – just check their location on the app and see if they’re catching up or if you need to go back for them.

Which rider apps do you use the most?

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