The average motorcycle spends a considerable amount of time sitting in the garage or parking space, in comparison to the typical automobile, especially in those regions that experience cold and snowy seasons. Meanwhile, monthly payments and insurance premiums continue to pile up, making motorcycle ownership a costly prospect when the cost per ride aspect is considered. Riders Share aims to help motorcycle owners take advantage of downtime with peer-to-peer motorcycle sharing, while allowing riders that don’t own bikes, or travelling riders, access to a variety of machines, via a subscription service.

Launched in 2018, and already the world’s largest motorcycle sharing community, Riders Share has announced a subscription service that allows for significant discount on rentals. Typical rental rates through Riders Share are $100 per day, including insurance, and are set by the motorcycle owner. With the new subscription service, for $24 per month, the rentals are discounted by 35%. According to, CEO Guillermo Cornejo hopes the service will provide riders who no longer own bikes an opportunity to return to riding: “We believe subscriptions are key to continued growth in peer-to-peer rentals. There’s an entire market of twenty million plus ex-riders who are bikeless; our goal with subscription services is to provide an economic re-entry point to stimulate responsible ridership across the country.”

Riders wishing to subscribe must be over 25 years of age, with a FICO credit score of over 700. Riders Share has over 100,000 registered users, with over 15,000 motorcycles shared. Delivery services and roadside assistance are offered, and the subscription drops to $22 per month for a 12 month term if prepaid in advance. Bikes listed on the Riders Share website include the KTM 390 Duke for $54 per day in Los Angeles, a Yamaha Niken for $96 per day in LA, a Honda CRF250L for $60 per day in Honolulu, and a Honda Africa Twin DCT for $113 per day in New Jersey.

While many motorcycle owners would never dream of lending out their pride and joy, there are those that will happily earn a few extra dollars in order to allow a fellow rider access to the joys of riding, knowing that the riders are vetted and covered by insurance. With peer-to-peer home sharing and car sharing becoming more and more popular, motorcycle sharing is the next logical step for bikes, considering the average motorcycle in the United States is used four times less than cars.


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