Having spent weeks riding Andalucia off-road, I’m now convinced this part of Spain must be where all the Spanish Dakar superstars are from. Whether my theory is right or wrong, one thing’s for sure: this place is just a huge dirt bike playground, and I still have only seen a fraction of it. From wide gravel roads and big forest trails to the gnarliest single track imaginable, rocky mountain tracks, and sandy riverbeds, Andalucia has got it all. If you plan to go riding Andalucia, here’s what not to miss:

Sierra de Las Nieves

Tucked away between Ronda in the West, Ardales in the North, and Coin in the East, Sierra de Las Nieves is a national park popular among local hikers and mountain bikers. It’s miles and miles of mountains, valleys, and gorges unbroken by electricity lines, paved roads, or villages, and there are so many little off-road trails to explore you can spend several days riding within the park territory. If you only have a day, cross Sierra de Las Nieves on the gravel road stretching from Parauta to Tolox; it’s mostly graded dirt and gravel, but there are a few steep hairpins and tight turns along the way.

Riding Andalucia: Sea to Summit


The entire Granada – Guadix area is an insanely beautiful place with countless little dirt tracks, dry riverbeds, and canyon trails to enjoy. This is where Hispania Rally takes place, and if you base yourself in Granada or Guadix (cute little town with cave homes if you’re feeling authentic), you can spend a whole week riding these crazy tracks with the backdrop of the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains and blossoming almond trees.

Riding Andalucia: Sea to Summit

Image: Actiongraphers

Andalucia is best ridden in wintertime between January and the end of March when the weather is quite cool, and all the off-road trails are open for motorcyclists (due to high fire risk, most off-road trails are closed for motorized vehicles in summer).

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