As ADVventure riders, we are more likely to need better balance than a person that rides purely pavement.

The likelihood of the ADVer get onto a section of dirt and rocks and the possibility of stopping but the ground is further away than the rider on the pavement would have is dramatically increased.

How many times have you heard a rider say, “I put my foot down, but the ground wasn’t there, so I dumped the bike!”

The ground was there, it was just further away and out of reach, but instead of reaching for it maybe balance could have stopped that tip over?

Jimmy Lewis is a well respected offroad trainer, and if you have ever met him or seen him at an event or done one of his training courses you will recognize this training lesson that is good for every rider to master.


If you looked at the video above and were saying to yourself, that bike is too big, or I can do that, then maybe you should take it a step further and be able to static balance and not put your feet down at all.

This will come in more useful in rougher terrain on a lighter bike as shown. Even if you can only hold it for a few seconds now, after a little practice you will be surprised how your balance improves.

To take it a little further, again something you can practice in your garage when you can’t get out to ride but it will really help in a lot of situations. A few minutes a day is all it takes to improve your basic skills

In this video, Tim Coleman explains that a few rocks or gravel will help out a lot, try with and without so you are aware of the subtle differences. Also doing this on a hill pointed downwards is easier that pointed upwards on a hill, points to remember for when you are out on the trail





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