Remember way back when you took your motorcycle test one of the requirements was an emergency stop. How did you do?

I slid slowly past my tester…and he just smiled, little did I realize (nor did he until I slid by) he had taken me on a side road that has recently been resurfaced with fresh oil and chips.

As I rode back to him expecting him to say “sorry you failed”. He smiled and said, “nice control, sorry didn’t realize this road was like this, it wasn’t yesterday!”

Prior to that on the written test one of my questions was

What stops quicker

a – motorcycle

b – car

c – semi

d – all stop the same

I looked at this and of course, said ‘a’


…but think about it, there is not a definitive answer because does a Prius stop as quick as a Ferrari, does a 500exc stop quicker than a Harley road couch. Should you assess each vehicle in front of you and behind you to have safe distances.

I stood there and argued this point with the person behind the desk, they just looked at me and said, “you passed, so who cares” and walked off!

All good points that a new rider should consider before jumping to conclusions.


As a more experienced rider do you think you can stop – quicker than, as quicker as or slower than, say, your S/O (significant other) vehicle?

If you said ‘quicker than’ would you put money on it? You against your S/O in a closed parking lot, side by side, hitting the brakes at the exact same moment.

Is your riding skill level that good?

When was the last time you tested yourself at emergency stops from different speeds?

Under different conditions?

With different weight loads on your bike?

Before you go and try, or make that bet, maybe you should watch Brett Tkacs explain this in the following video –




feature image: Alamy stock photo




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