Sand dunes, cedar forests, desert landscapes, and local hospitality: Morocco, the gateway to Africa. Even if you’re not planning to ride around the whole continent, traveling Morocco can be a great taste of what might lie ahead.  Here are some pointers to help you plan your Morocco ride.

Rif Mountains

Situated in the North and sometimes running parallel the Mediterranean coast, Rif mountains are a great way to kick off your bike trip across Morocco. This is where you can see the town of Chefchaouen famous for its blue buildings and a magical maze-like structure.

Atlas Mountains

Although Northern Morocco is beautiful, the Atlas Mountains is where the real adventure begins. Here, you can still meet nomadic shepherds, get off the road, and explore the numerous dirt roads crisscrossing the region. Stay in small towns or camp, ride on or off the road, and take in the views.

Riding in Morocco: What Not to Miss


For a cold beer, a change of scenery, and some rest, aim for the Tafilalet Oasis, the largest natural oasis in Morocco. After crossing the Atlas, Tafilalet is a perfect place to relax and regroup.

Dadés Gorge

Probably the most famous road in Morocco, the Dades Gorge road twists up and along the rim of a rugged, rocky narrow gorge offering breath-taking views of the scenery below. This is a paved road, but it’s worth riding nonetheless simply because of the incredible views.

Riding in Morocco: What Not to Miss

The Sahara

If riding the dunes of the Sahara has always been your dream, this is your chance. After crossing the Atlas Mountains, the desert begins, and so does the real adventure.

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