Dream of riding into the wild but think it might be too extreme for you? Here’s what you need to know!

“So, how was the BAM road and the Road of Bones?” I asked my friend Sandra, expecting to hear marvelous travel stories of harrowing effort, grueling ride, and being in this incredible, remote wilderness.

“It was a little tiring, but really, it’s not that big of a deal. There were a lot of river crossings, we were wet and cold a lot and the food wasn’t great but other than that, it was just a ride,” Sandra said, to my great astonishment. The notorious BAM road? The Road of Bones? Extreme Siberia? “Just a ride”?!

But then I started thinking of all the people who assumed that riding in the Andes was extreme, or at the very least, that these mountains were seriously remote. But in reality, you can find not only fuel, food, and accommodation but also fast WiFi in most Andean villages.

So what gives?

If there is a road, there are people

Since you’re riding a motorcycle, you’ll stick to roads and tracks. And if there is a road, a track, a trail, a narrow path – there will be people nearby. It’s a simple truth that we tend to forget when we think of all these far-flung places, but the reality is that as a motorcycle rider, you just physically can’t get extremely remote. Unless you leave your bike and take off on foot, you will rarely be less than a day’s ride from the nearest town, village, or settlement, even in Mongolia, the Congo, or Siberia.

riding into the wild

The world is shrinking

The standards of living are constantly developing all across the world, bringing solar panels, TV, internet, new roads, and commerce even to the remotest places. True, a fancy Touratech shock, a Starbucks latte, or a nice pair of Klim gloves might be a tad harder to find in the Brazilian Pantanal or the middle of nowhere in Central Asia, but basic repairs, food, fuel, and shelter are available just about everywhere in the world.

You are not lost at sea

However remote you’re planning to go, you’re still on solid land – and that means you’re never completely and utterly lost or too far away from civilization. Sure, your nearest neighbor for the day might be a nomadic Kyrgyz shepherd or an indigenous abuelito herding his llamas in the wilderness, but they will help you or go get help if the need arises.

riding into the wild

Riding to some of the more remote regions of this planet can sound intimidating – but just remember that at the end of the day, like Sandra said, it’s just a ride!

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