Riding To Nordkapp…it is one of the most spectacular rides on the planet to get there, the scenery is unlike pretty much anywhere else in the world you can see from a road, be it paved or dirt.

Now that Air Canada is doing regular summertime flights for passengers with their motorcycles at a reasonable price more and more people taking them up on this and are exploring Europe and Scandinavia with their own motorcycles.

Nordkapp is a very popular destination for motorcyclists and RVer’s alike, if you take a ferry from Denmark to Kristiansand the remainder of the trip can be done 100% on a paved surface.

It is not like riding to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and doing the last 500 miles on dirt, you can have 100% road tires and be just fine and see some amazing sites along the way.

If this is in your future travels here’s a little information that may help you budget this ride.

From Kristiansand to Nordkapp and back to Kristiansand if you took the most direct route its the equivalent of riding slightly more than New York City to San Diego, a distance of 2837 miles…but you will ride a lot further.

Norway is spectacular and side trips will happen so realistically figure on 3000-4000 miles of riding in the country.

Fuel is the second most expensive in the world and hovers around $8 a US gallon, but speak to locals before you fill up. Some Norwegian oil companies have discount hours/ days and can offer a reduced rate of 20% or more in some cases.

Norway is considered Crown Land so you can camp almost anywhere as long as you are around 200 meters from peoples homes or businesses unless you have permission. Campsites are extremely popular and are literally everywhere but expect to pay the same or more than you would for a cheap hotel in the US.

Food prices are high, again speak to locals, the majority speak English, and ask who has the best deals on food, it varies from area to area. Taking cooking gear would save you a fortune…literally.

If you are on a really tight budget the cheapest fast food you can find is gas station hot dogs at around $4 for one!

If you are a beer drinker expect to pay $5-10 for one beer in a store and $10-20 in a bar or restaurant, also Norway has a zero alcohol tolerance so beware

once you reach Nordkapp there is an entry fee of NOK 275/ $33.25 per person to enter…if you enter by foot it is free…but its a very long walk. The chances are you will be there in the summertime and will have 24 hours of daylight, plan to go after 1 am (if you can stay awake) you can enter free, with your motorcycle…most people wait until 2 am to be sure

…and finally DO NOT speed anywhere, the police have speed traps all over and even position officers on hillsides with radar guns that you will never see, but you will be stopped at a later time and the fines are high, 430% higher than European averages and if you are excessive with your speed jail time is liberally handed out.

The prize…



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