Ever get tired of watching YouTubers flog exotic machines you can never afford? If your bank account holds $1,290, instead of the buying power to purchase a KTM 1290, then this new YouTube series from Rocky Mountain ATV might be perfect for you. Instead of shiny new bikes being tootled around a gentle demo course, you get crappy, beat-up used machines being put through the wringer.

In other words, the standard weekend for many budget-minded inmates.

RMATV’s $1,000 Motorcycles vs. 1,000 Adventure Miles starts with simple rules:

  • Each rider gets only $1,000 to buy and fix their bikeEach bike must complete the 1,000 miles of the adventure ride
  • Scrounging and fabrication are allowed
  • New tires will be provided for each bike at no cost (safety first)
  • Each rider is responsible for their own gear and luggage

Already no doubt some readers are going through an internal monologue, like the classic Monty Python Yorkshiremen skit: “$1,000 for a bike, with new tires provided? Why in my day, we only had $500 to spend on a rusted-out Cushman, and we had to cut the knobbies into the treads ourselves, and we had to ride across the continent! … but we were happier in those days …

The reality these days is, $1,000 doesn’t buy you a whole lot of bike, unless you’re in the right place at the right time. That’s especially true in the world of adventure/dual sport bikes, which carry a price premium. Soooooo, we can see some decidedly unusual ADV choices here, including a Kawasaki Ninja 250 and KZ440. Fun times ensue!

We’ve included the whole series below, for your perusal. Enjoy!

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