Just when you think that you’ve heard it all, something like this comes up.  According to Echo Press, an online newspaper, a robber decides to steal a motorcycle with somewhat predictable results.

The scene unfolds in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.  As a man was riding his motorcycle, a Jeep Cherokee SUV pulled up beside him at the corner of Marshall and Cleveland Avenue.

Inside the Cherokee were two men.  The Cherokee had been stolen in the nearby city of Minneapolis.  One of the men in the Cherokee pointed a gun at the motorcyclist and commanded the rider to give him the bike.

The motorcyclist got off his machine bike and turned it over to the robber.  That’s when things got seriously weird.  According to St. Paul Police Sargeant Mike Ernster, the robber demanded that the motorcyclist show him how to operate the motorcycle.  At gunpoint.

Spur of the moment motorcycle lesson

Fearing being shot, the motorcyclist showed the robber the controls and how to operate the machine.  With the impromptu lesson completed, the robber jumped on the bike and took off.  Sort of.

He didn’t get very far.  As the robber approached an intersection, he was unable or unwilling to stop for a red light.  This resulted in the robber crashing into a pickup truck that had the green light.

Thinking that it was a “normal” traffic accident, the 68-year-old driver of the pickup truck got out to check on the condition of the robber.  Meanwhile, the owner of the motorcycle was close enough to shout to the pickup driver that his bike had been stolen and that the robber had a gun.

Still not done stealing things, the then robber jumped into the man’s pickup truck and drove off.  Neither of the men in the Cherokee has been arrested and police in both cities are investigating the incident.




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