Riding round the world, whether slowly or in record-time, isn’t for everyone. Then again, weekend rides aren’t enough for everyone, either. If you’re just starting as an ADV rider, however, should you ride round the world, or just round the corner?

Ride Round the World If…

…It’s always been your dream.

… You want beat Nick Sanders.

… You’ve always wanted to join Ewan and Charley.

… You love being on the road and can do it for months or years.

… You don’t mind not having a home, much privacy, comfort, or the illusion of safety for a prolonged period of time.

… You value freedom, adventure, and unpredictability above all else.

… You’re not afraid to improvise.

Ride for 6 Months If…

…You want to test whether riding round the world has really always been your dream.

…You love adventure, but you have a home to return to.

…You prefer to explore the world one continent at a time.

…You need a break from being a full-time two-wheeled hobo.

… You’ve actually got a life besides motorcycles and traveling.

… You want to test your bike, your sanity, or your determination before a round-the-world trip.

… You want to meet Ewan and Charley in South America.

Ride On Weekends If…

… You are on lockdown (and it is allowed)!

… You love your job and family life and only need short breaks.

…You also love scuba diving, hiking, knitting, singing, geocaching, and competitive duck herding, so weekends are all you can spare for your motorcycle hobby.

…You’ve got your motorcycle licence recently and you haven’t yet figured out which aspects of motorcycling you love most.

… You just don’t have the time for big adventures.

…You’re a creature of comfort and a hot shower and a dry, warm bed is a must after each motorcycle adventure.

… Frankly, a weekend ride is just enough to quench your thirst for adventure.

Where are you riding right now, round the world, or round the corner?

Image: Pixabay

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