Royal Enfield is on the move and they mean business.  The Indian motorcycle manufacturer is about to unveil at least one new model every quarter for the next two to three years.

According to Royal Enfield’s CEO, Vinod Dasari, the brand is hard at work developing new platforms and models.   In an online interaction on Freewheeling with SVP, Dasari was quoted by as saying:

One of the things that we’ve done over the last 3-4 years is to significantly accelerate new product plans.  We will remain a mid-sized company, that’s somewhere between 250 and 750 cc.

In this range, there are five levels that we’re looking at. The first is a platform.  We have a new platform coming up.  We would have launched it by now, we will launch it some time, as soon as the lockdown is over.

So we have the platforms, and under the platforms, we have the models, within each model we have variants, within each variant we have several color trims and graphics, and then we have the limited editions.

“So five levels, we’re so excited that, to a point, every quarter, for the next three to four years, every quarter, we have a new model. It’s not just changing the colors or something, it will be almost a new model, or a variant, coming for the next three to four years,” Dasari said.

That certainly is a big plan and it will be interesting to see what Royal Enfield has up its sleeve for the next two to three years.

Royal Enfield Dasari

Royal Enfield’s CEO, Vinod Dasari says new bikes every quarter for the next two to three years. Photo credit: Royal Enfield

New 350cc model and platform

It is widely expected that the Royal Enfield Meteor 350 will be the first new bike out of the gate.  It will likely employ a new 350cc platform with a new engine and a new double-cradle frame.

The new 350cc engine will likely replace Royal Enfield’s traditional pushrod configuration with overhead cams and will also use counterbalancers. says that the new powerplant will likely be a downsized version of Royal Enfield’s 650cc parallel-twin engine.

Next up is the rumored Royal Enfield Hunter.  It will likely also use the new 350cc platform although there are scant other details on the machine.

At this point, there’s no news about whether the new bikes will make it to US shores.  Regardless, it’s clear that Royal Enfield wants more of the light to middleweight motorcycle markets.

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