Royal Enfield continues to mess around with its sales plan; now, it’s rolled out another virtual motorcycle configuration tool, designed to help you see what your bike’s “custom” parts look like before you buy.

Royal Enfield had a tool similar to this in the past, aimed at its Classic 350, Classic 500, Continental GT 650 and Interceptor 650 models. Now, the current version of this tool is only available for those 650 twin models, but overall, it’s the same idea. To use the app, you select your bike, then click on the “Configure Now” button. From there, you can add whatever official Royal Enfield accessories you want. Remember, this is for factory-built accessories only; you won’t see fitment of other aftermarket bits. Of course, you can also change the colour and graphics and other trim details on the machine as well.

The app shows you the cost of the parts you’ve added to your order, and gives you an idea of how long it will take the factory to deliver the bike; supposedly, it’s built within 24 to 48 hours of you placing the order via the app. Obviously, this is intended for the Indian market at this point; the vagaries of dealing with international orders would make this app a non-starter for North American customers. Or would it? Don’t rule out the ingenuity of capitalism …

Although the app is only available for the 650 twins right now, it’s supposed to be available for the 350 Meteor soon, says the Indian moto-press. What about the Himalayan? Surely a farkle-izer app would be a no-brainer for an adventure bike? Stay tuned on that one—it would seem crazy for Royal Enfield not to make it happen.

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