The Royal Enfield Himalayan adventure bike is getting ABS as a 2019 upgrade in North America.

ABS has already been available in other markets, but was not available in North America until now. It will be standard on 2019 Royal Enfield models, including the Himalayan.

According to reports from India, the ABS circuit can not be able to be disabled or reconfigured for off-road riding. Some sort of off-road ABS mode is fairly standard on European adventure bikes. Sometimes, the front wheel retains its antilock system while the rear is disabled, allowing rear wheel lock-up. On other bikes, both front and rear wheels see ABS disabled, or at least restricted to less interference.

Not all adventure machines have this feature though. Japanese adventure machines often have no way to disable ABS, outside of pulling fuses. The Himalayan will follow that pattern, making riders have to be especially cautious when braking offroad, as loose terrain may result in drastic loss of braking power. This is on top of a braking system that is often considered to be on the weak side.

The Royal Enfield Himalayan uses a dual-channel ABS system, and we’ve seen no word on whether it’s an in-house design, or put together by some third-party manufacturer like Bosch or Nissin.

Otherwise, the Himalayan mostly remains the same for North America in 2019, with a new paint choice (Sleet) joining the Snow and Granite colour options. The engine, running gear, and everything else is unchanged. Pricing is set at $4,749 USD, or $5,625 CAD for Canadian customers. The new bike is supposed to be in showrooms in April, although Royal Enfield’s dealer network is still weak in some areas, and it may be hard to actually see one of the new machines.

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