Royal Enfield sells its Himalayan as an adventure bike, but in its stock form, it’s fairly stripped-down. There’s nothing wrong with that at all—it lets customers, save money, set the bike up how they want, and get in some farkelizing. But some people like to buy their bikes set up from the factory (which is why we have GS Adventure models). Now, UK distributor MotoGB is offering a Himalayan that comes pre-built for adventure travel.

The Royal Enfield Himalayan Adventure comes with a set of medium-sized aluminum panniers, and mounting brackets. These appear to be Royal Enfield’s 26-liter panniers, making for 52 liters of luggage capacity in total. Note that, because the Himalayan has a low-slung exhaust, the panniers are equal size, unlike the lopsided sideboxes often seen on adventure bikes with high-mount mufflers.

The Adventure also gets a set of crash bars alongside the engine, and proper plastic-over-aluminum handguards (a better arrangement than the floppy plastic arrangements usually found on Japanese dual sports—those cheapies will fold like a cheap suit when you crash). Again, these are all factory accessories, installed by Royal Enfield’s mechanics.

The Adventure version doesn’t come with an oversized fuel tank, though, unlike up-spec’d ADV bikes from other manufacturers. There’s no added electronics package; the engine is the same air-cooled 410cc with roughly 24 horsepower, and 24 pound-feet of torque. Same goes for the frame and suspension. The Adventure version of the bike is priced at £4799 in the UK, only a tad more than the £4399 price tag on the base model.

Will we ever see this machine in North America? Hard to say, as Royal Enfield is making slow progress in building/rebuilding its US and Canadian dealer networks. Distributor-built projects like this seem to be gaining popularity in Europe, though, so don’t be surprised if the idea takes hold here as well.

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